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Are you ready to make a difference with us, because we couldn’t be more ready!

Not only did we want to message everyone to remind them to make their numbers count and their voices heard, but we wanted to take a minute and tell you ALL just how grateful we are to take a stand along side each and EVERY one of you that stands for truth and freedom with us, and beside us.

It’s NOT nor has it ever been about race, religion, ethnicity, or the language you speak, even though mainstream continues to portray us as such. It is NOT about ANY of the division tactics coming through the MSM and Government, but exactly THE OPPOSITE!

A fight for Freedom and truth FOR ALL Canadians!

A unifying factor for ALL Canadians who live in the truth regardless of the brush they are painted falsely with.

At 5pm PST/8pm EST we will meet you in TEAMS for the biggest online resistance Canada has ever seen.

Please ensure you have the TEAMS app downloaded (as you would for zoom)

Just before 5pm PST/8pm EST connect in the meeting via the following link:

Or go to our website at and select the option ”Join the Call”. There you will be connected.

*Please note Closed captioning will be available for those that require it.*

You ALL hold a very special place in our hearts, and we are so happy to have found you in this journey.


With Immense gratitude and Love

Amanda, Tania, Alicia, & Danielle

The Freedom Organization

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