Who is Helen Grus?

Ottawa April 28, 9:30am
Copied from a fakebook post. Credit to
Jody Ledgerwood
Please contact the Ottawa Mayor and let him know. He might not be aware as he didn’t hire the ops chief.


211 Huntmar Dr
28 April 2023 at 9:30a.m.
Please note:
Officer Helen Grus, Ottawa Police Services, who applied her training, coupled with Common Sense, born from a number of years investigating the questionable demise of children, is now being skewered by the OPS for doing what she was trained and paid to do, namely ring the bell of warning that something is wrong.
Here is the quandary: Helen put her career and reputation in the fire and now needs our assistance.
Hoping many can attend the hearing on the date above.
I can’t attend as I operate a crane for crews and there is no one else.
Some of you can’t attend either. And that’s alright. It is called life 101.
However, if we share this message to all our contacts perhaps there are those who can answer the clarion call of help.
The OPS is refusing to broadcast the meeting.
This does not bode well for Officer Grus.
They are planning something they don’t want the public to see.

Please share with anyone you can via txt & email. You might be surprised how many of them aren’t on Social Media.

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