12 weeks of stalling prosecution of Chinese agents coming up

Canadian free journalist @DanNightMMA on the China interference nightmare

<<Good afternoon, fellow Canadians. As your vigilant observer, I want to share with you some concerning revelations brought to light at the PROC committee meeting yesterday. Investigative journalist #SamCooper unveiled the depth of foreign interference in our 2021 elections during his interview with #ErinO’Toole.

Cooper’s sources indicated that as far back as 2021, #CSIS was aware of #Chinese #Communist #Party (#CCP) #agents #tracking an #MP. Even more disconcertingly, these agents supposedly approached potential voters about this candidate, a move CSIS regarded as ‘coordinated and alarming.’ Cooper himself became a target of the CCP after he published his book detailing their foreign interference.

These revelations are deeply unsettling and prompt an urgent question: Why has the Trudeau government been so slow in responding to this alleged interference? If CSIS had been ringing alarm bells in 2021, why has the government’s response been so painfully lethargic and insufficient? Could it be that they have been turning a blind eye because they are directly benefiting from this interference?

It seems as though the Trudeau administration has been trying to sweep this issue under the carpet, resorting to filibustering at almost every turn, with the apparent hope that this story will gradually fade away. Trudeau has even gone as far as using his personal connections as a shield, appointing Special Rapporteur #DavidJohnson, a #Trudeau #Foundation member and a skiing buddy of #Trudeau’s father, in what appears to be a stalling tactic designed to usher in the #summer #break, in the hope that Canadians will have forgotten about #Chinese #interference by the time they return.

The Trudeau administration’s lack of urgency and transparency in addressing these allegations is more than a little troubling. We require swift and decisive action, not delay tactics and evasions. If there’s nothing to hide, why the reluctance to shine a light on these activities?

Our democratic processes, the safety of our elected officials, and the integrity of our nation should always be paramount. We cannot sit idly by while our democracy is threatened. It’s time to demand a thorough, independent, and public inquiry.

But as we call for this inquiry, we must also ask ourselves: What is the Trudeau administration really afraid of? Why this delay? Why the tactics? Why the lack of transparency? We must keep pressing for answers because our democracy, our sovereignty, and our very way of life are at stake. It’s time for Canadians to demand the truth and to hold those in power accountable. The integrity of our nation depends on it.>>


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