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This press release comes to us directly from Team Kennedy and in fact that more and more social media outlets move away from the lies of the fake pandemic that was established with a fraudulent test application does give the campaign a bit of an up drive, when silencing this very interesting candidate by ignoring his candidacy was the only thing the establishment had to continue to suppress the truth.

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Dear Maren Isa,

As Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s campaign gains momentum, elements of the mainstream media are moving beyond the initial ignore-and-dismiss to really take his candidacy seriously. This demonstrates now broad the readiness for real change has become in American society. 

Here is an opinion piece in The Hill: Why I believe RFK JR will be the 2024 Democratic nominee. It is significant because the writer, Douglass MacKinnon, has done his research and really gets the essence of RFK’s message and the core of his appeal. 

Let’s not leave out smaller, regional newspapers. Here is an excellent synopsis and commentary from the Desert Review on RFK Jr.’s interview on one of America’s top political shows, the All-in Podcast. The podcast itself is worth listening to in its entirety. As one commentator said:

“Even when I disagree with him, he makes coherent, intelligent arguments which is sorely lacking from both sides right now. I think the vast majority of Americans are tired of the lack of substance from both sides and of their complicity in the destruction of the working class. His message about the war and our economic situation here at home really is resonating with me. This guy is the real deal.”DONATE TODAY

Back to the mainstream: The Wall Street Journal’s Gerry Baker interviewed Robert F. Kennedy. Jr. for the Free Expressions podcast. Another Kennedy for President? 

In another breakthrough development, Instagram Announced it reinstated RFK, Jr.’s personal account that was banned in 2021 in the midst of his explosive rise in popularity during Covid restrictions. All 770,000 followers as well as his verified status returned on Sunday, as he prepared to speak with Elon Musk on the topic of social media censorship in Monday’s Twitter Spaces.

You’ll notice that the above link claims that Mr. Kennedy was banned for “spreading disinformation” about Covid. But that mantra is also ringing hollow as more and more mainstream outlets repudiate pandemic policy. See for example Newsweek’s recent piece, America’s Covid Response Was Based on Lies

Finally, to give you an idea of the breadth of RFK, Jr’s appeal, we’ll end with an article from a neither-Right-nor-Left Christian website, America Magazine. It asks us not to underestimate the appeal of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. We promise: we won’t!

To help keep this positive momentum going, please donate to the campaign. Thank you!


Team Kennedy

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