Behind the TikTok ban

Democracy requires open public debate based on freely available information. 
Congress is taking extraordinary measures to shut down the popular TikTok platform. As always, the political elites invoke “national security” to justify their assault on our constitutional rights and freedoms. On TikTok, Team Kennedy is having incredible success spreading Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s message of protecting the environment, stopping regime change wars, medical freedom, and expanding America’s middle class.TikTok is especially popular with young voters, and our success on the platform shows why Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is leading a nationwide poll among voters under 35.President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump have endorsed banning TikTok. But it goes far beyond that. The new legislation allows the President to ban ANY platform, software, or website, as long as he deems it to be guided by America’s adversaries. That gives the President dictatorial power over freedom of speech and the press.Democracy … Continue reading

Gatineau enforcement vexing municipal courts

dear supporters,

welcome to a few observations from my audition in the Gatineau courthouse where judge Martin Gosselin presided over the session on 19 Fev 2024.

After listening to the proceedings of 4, 5 to 6 different cases (where I couldn’t help wondering, why this wasn’t gonna be held in a private room but in two big rooms, where strangers were listening to the details, cross-examination of the cases scheduled!), I didn’t count them, my case was finally postponed to the 3rd of June 2024 which makes it a bit more than 2 years after the fact!

From the looks of it … Continue reading

Google moves to censoring Métis / ASMIN information

The world’s biggest Internet search engine,


has deranked and thus « muzzled » ASMIN info on the net. See for yourself for what exactly that stands.

An unconquered, never surrendered north American tribe regrouping unbanded Métis, indigenous peoples’ tribes and all natives of Turtle Island who want to share wealth and resources

and leave the corporate oppression of Turtle Island behind.

as both sovereignty advocat Spiritwarrior and the internet website manager of that group rightfully pointed out: it is not controversial to talk about the freedom movement in South Africa on the occasion of Brian Mulroney‘s passing – but you can’t say <<sovereign>> while you are a native to North America, and you can’t claim sovereignty, because that’s controversial here at home!