CDC: obvious damage control reveils criminal, psychopathic, dysfunctional management

It is a common misconception to expect objectivity from one media outlet – the fact is, objectivity is nothing but a fiction !

only if the media market is undisturbed can there be such as a 360 view of a certain issue, meaning all opinions and positions are freely expressed in that market. That would however require that governments stay away from the temptation to brand information they don’t like as mis – or „disinformation“!

Here is what the most popular candidate amongst the under 35 has to say about that:

Without transparency, there is no such thing as a Republic. 

Shocking, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released a paper about myocarditis from COVID-19 vaccinations.There’s just one problem: The entire 148-page report is redacted! What good is a report if an entire study is unreadable? The level of arrogance and contempt for the public in releasing an entirely redacted document is extraordinary. The CDC is thumbing their nose at the Freedom of Information Act–and they’re thumbing their nose at accountability, honesty and they are telling you they don’t care about your health. RFK Jr. is going to change this when he moves into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. You see, without transparency, there is no such thing as a Republic. That’s why, when Robert F. Kennedy Jr. becomes president, the CDC won’t get to decide what the public sees, and they won’t be able to hide their mistakes. Under an RFK Jr. Administration, everything, and we mean everything, will be out in the open. You and I will no longer need attorneys, courts, or judges, or FOIA’s, to discover the truth. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will require 100% transparency and accountability from every single one of the 438 Federal Agencies and every single penny of the $6.2 trillion budget. Please support Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s campaign today. We need to spend more than $15 million to obtain ballot access in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. By contributing, you’re supporting medical liberty and science. Please donate now before it’s too late! CONTRIBUTE $5CONTRIBUTE $10CONTRIBUTE $24CONTRIBUTE $100 CONTRIBUTE $240CONTRIBUTE OTHER AMOUNTTeam

P.S. — From Day 1 of the manufactured COVID-19 hysteria, Kennedy has been sounding the alarm about the origins of the pandemic and the harm caused by the extraordinary overreach of vaccine mandates and lockdowns. Kennedy was the most outspoken defender of our medical liberties and the war against science. Kennedy is being silenced and attacked because he’s a real force against the establishment and the status quo. That’s why recently, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and outside Republican groups are conspiring to stop Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s campaign. Party bosses know that Kennedy can win the White House and make history. With your gift today, we will continue to make history and win the White House for WE THE PEOPLE.

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