Measuring genocide within the GABI dictate – the maiming and killing history of the pseudo-vaccine apparatus now and then

How Much Damage Have Vaccines Done to Society?


9. There was a wide range of consequences of encephalitis. Many of these were subtle and insidiously altered the child’s personality, commonly making them hyperactive, hypersexual less empathetic, and generally uncomfortable with their environment. Many of these traits in turn were also seen in violent criminals and disruptive children (who frequently then went on to become violent criminals).

10. Coulter then collected numerous case histories of violent and sociopathic criminals demonstrating that they displayed many of the exact same signs (e.g., cranial nerve issues) seen in victims of encephalitis (be it from vaccination or a natural infection). This included detailed reviews of infamous criminals who precisely fit the post-encephalitic pattern such as Ted Bundy.

11. Coulter also provided numerous statistics and studies which showed violent criminals had dramatically higher rates of brain damage and neurologic dysfunction. Many of the … Continue reading