SCA: censorship allegations “lack standing”

From CHD’s CEO Mary Holland:

Wednesday was a sad day for freedom of speech in America — but the fight isn’t over. Not by a long shot. We need your help to continue the fight to protect our rights.

I am deeply disappointed by the Supreme Court’s decision that the plaintiffs in Murthy v. Missouri — two states and five individuals — “lack standing” to pursue claims that the government coerced social media platforms to censor independent speech.

While CHD believes the 6-3 majority got it wrong — and the dissent got it right — we are focused on continuing the fight.

But we need your help today. Here’s why.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and CHD filed a separate lawsuit in the same court as the Missouri plaintiffs because Kennedy and CHD were directly and traceably censored — and continue to be heavily censored.

Our case is about to resume in the aftermath … Continue reading

Happy Daze! nuttin 2 c here!

Coming up live is THE REAL DEBATE:

8:45 pm ET / 5:45 pm PT

— Robert F. Kennedy Jr (@RobertKennedyJr) June 27, 2024

oh ya. power in numbers. If any of you late bloomers and vaccine injured and maimed feel more like you want to do something against your dictatorial and murderous government – why not join the protests at the Queen’s Gate of parliament where many very brave mothertruckers have been showing their 100% peaceful presence in opposition to this lying cheating stealing and murderous regime EVERY SINGLE DAY day, since the Convoy came to Ottawa. they have been there for you all – all along – they can point you in the right direction – they have all the info and r, like real troopers and veterans of war, literally killing themselves just too happy to share so u become free from this slavery and poisonous … Continue reading

VaccineChoice Canada: no trust in Canadian courts

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More on the Concept of Judicial Notice in Canadian Courts

Here’s the Video and Short Overview of How “Judicial Notice” Rigged Canadian Court Cases to Favor Government Policy, No Matter What the Facts Might Be. 


JUN 20

One of my collogues, the Independently Verified Information Machine (IVIM), has helped put together a short, twenty minute video, the June 13th, 2024 post “On The Use of Judiciary Notice in Canadians Courts – Chuck Black.” 

Its essentially a video … Continue reading

The last month

was the deadliest, bloodiest, and the month during which the most underaged child soldiers died in the two front war.

NOT talking about Ukraine !

talking about the second world war and the absolute madness that was Germany.

if there’s anything I believe about my history lessons it’s that and we must avoid that in Ukraine.

we must avoid this fate of Ukrainian fighters who don’t have the dream of a chance.

Putin himself admitted for every five Ukrainian soldiers one Russian soldier dies, while not only Putin but nobody wants to see these young fools waste themselves on some old guys’ wars instead of building their own houses and feeding their own families, not US American, Canadian and Ukrainian shareholders.

As a result of the capitulation in the April of 1945, luckily but also like a never healing wound, sadly looking at the souls who paid for the deal … Continue reading

All my relations

The masks begin to fall off! “The Chinese biological laboratory in Wuhan is owned by GlaxoSmithKline, which (accidentally) owns Pfizer!” (the one who makes the vaccine against the virus which (accidentally) started at the Wuhan Biological Lab and which was (accidentally) funded by Dr. Fauci, who (accidentally) promotes the vaccine! “GlaxoSmithKline is (accidentally) managed by the finance division of Black Rock, which (accidentally) manages the finances of the Open Foundation Company (Soros Foundation), which (accidentally) manages the French AXA!” Soros (accidentally) owns the German company Winterthur, which (accidentally) built a Chinese laboratory in Wuhan and was bought by the German Allianz, which (coincidentally) has Vanguard as a shareholder, who (coincidentally) is a shareholder of Black Rock, which (coincidentally) controls central banks and manages about a third of global investment capital. “Black Rock” is also (coincidentally) a major shareholder of MICROSOFT, owned by Bill Gates, who (coincidentally) is a shareholder of … Continue reading

Kennedy the only candidate to beat Trump

This comes to us from the Kennedy Shanahan campaign as always donations are allowed only for American citizens.

That whole thing needs a big review because so many more people are affected by the outcome of this election then the citizens of the United States.

First and foremost permanent US residents are also affected by the outcome of this election and then millions and millions of Canadians will also be affected by the outcome as well as probably about 10 times more Mexicans.

We should all be allowed donating to the candidate that is right for us!

<<The biggest obstacle Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has faced as a presidential candidate so far is people thinking he can’t win. But we have a reliable poll that shows otherwise. A massive 50-state poll from Zogby – the most robust poll yet on the outcome of the 2024 presidential election – … Continue reading