Kennedy the only candidate to beat Trump

This comes to us from the Kennedy Shanahan campaign as always donations are allowed only for American citizens.

That whole thing needs a big review because so many more people are affected by the outcome of this election then the citizens of the United States.

First and foremost permanent US residents are also affected by the outcome of this election and then millions and millions of Canadians will also be affected by the outcome as well as probably about 10 times more Mexicans.

We should all be allowed donating to the candidate that is right for us!

<<The biggest obstacle Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has faced as a presidential candidate so far is people thinking he can’t win. But we have a reliable poll that shows otherwise. A massive 50-state poll from Zogby – the most robust poll yet on the outcome of the 2024 presidential election – shows that RFK Jr. can win! The poll asked over 26,000 likely voters who they would vote for in three head-to-head scenarios and found:

  • Biden vs. Trump: Trump wins by a comfortable margin.
  • Trump vs. Kennedy: Kennedy wins in a close race.
  • Kennedy vs. Biden: Kennedy wins in a landslide.

If you know anything about polling, 26,000 is a massive sample size, compared to the much smaller samples mainstream media outlets use. Zogby’s polling is the most statistically accurate presidential poll to date! These results mean President Biden cannot beat President Trump in any matchup. The only scenario in which Trump does not win this election is in a head-to-head against Robert F. Kennedy Jr!

These results are a game-changer. They prove that RFK Jr. is the candidate who can unite Americans and lead our country to a brighter future. But to turn these winning chances into a reality, we need your financial help today. Even with historic polling numbers, 20% of the electorate is still unaware Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is running for President. By investing in our campaign today, you are helping us build the momentum and resources we need to secure victory in 2024! Even if you have donated before, please stand with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and help us send a message to the DC Establishment: It’s time for new leadership and hope in the White House! We can and will win in November with your help today!Team Kennedy

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