The last month

was the deadliest, bloodiest, and the month during which the most underaged child soldiers died in the two front war.

NOT talking about Ukraine !

talking about the second world war and the absolute madness that was Germany.

if there’s anything I believe about my history lessons it’s that and we must avoid that in Ukraine.

we must avoid this fate of Ukrainian fighters who don’t have the dream of a chance.

Putin himself admitted for every five Ukrainian soldiers one Russian soldier dies, while not only Putin but nobody wants to see these young fools waste themselves on some old guys’ wars instead of building their own houses and feeding their own families, not US American, Canadian and Ukrainian shareholders.

As a result of the capitulation in the April of 1945, luckily but also like a never healing wound, sadly looking at the souls who paid for the deal in blood, sweat, tears, gazillions of dollars and lives. arms deals are extremely restricted in Germany. Looking at the way Dr Reiner Füllmich is treated in Germany right now, I don’t think it’s very far-fetched to extrapolate, that, in recent history, there’s been some fascist collusion that allowed for plenty of exemption – exceptions of the rule.

how come the allies knew that steel industries colluded with the governments almost automatically result in the need for a war?!

Because like Ukraine today, Germany was only used as an outpost for anti-Russia, Colonial American imperialism.

it is that American back room designing those wars planning those wars hiding those attacks from Congress spinning the reporting in their propaganda channels. It was that US American back room bombing and exploding the two gas pipelines in the north sea carrying Russian gas to Germany.

It was that American backroom exploding election documentation in Nashville, never heard much about it anymore, have you?!

Documents of the time formulate „the entire German people turned into a US American army, and Hitler was really installed to seduce the German people into the „total war“ with Russia, to defeat Russia !

I mean that is so laughable it seemed ridiculous when I first got to that in my history lessons, but now it’s beyond ridiculous.

We Germans should know so much better, understand and warn our Ukrainian friends families and neighbours, that you cannot win wars against Russia – we tried two times already.

and in fact nobody in their right mind in Europe would even come up with such a thought and entertain that as a way of life where the war is the purpose and the endgame because in war no government needs to respect any rights – all transparency is gone, all the accountability lies in the hands of the victor.

that is probably the most important point in this presentation : that the west really has obsoleted themselves because they’re morally bankrupt and do things the same way as China did still does, Russia did still does, North Korea, everybody we don’t like and, please tell me you all, should I even say „we“, because I grew up in West Germany and I was born when that post second world war Germany was still divided – so what am I ? part of the west, part of the east ? my family: all Prussian ! my cousins all live in Poland, France, Germany, Mexico and NewZealand !

That’s how government likes it. Governments that are not governments but corporate entities solely in the business of exploiting the resources which because of the Bill of Rights and the United States Constitution is terribly limited, which is why the premeditated Covid panic was so happily adopted and extended into all G7 member states – The heartbreak I experienced watching my fellow North Americans throw their most precious law documents in the fire instead of demanding the respect for their rights, will be impossible to word, and also very few people will understand.

that morally superior place seems gone latest since 2019.

and Putin sure fails the American back room to get played like the villain – Trump was a better candidate for that, seems to however have smartened up since that hydroxychloroquine experience. yeah in fact it works very well especially if you give it with the right cofactors at the right time like any medication – if you don’t if you screw up the dosage, you’ll do more damage than you do good!

but that would be common sense and that seems to be longer out of fashion than only since 2019, where we also said goodbye to logic and reason.

as a fervent admirer of the United States Constitution And a freedom lover, I can only be a pacifist !

I pray to all good spirits in the universes, that the Ukrainians are not going to suffer the same fate than the Germans in the second world war and those very, very cold and hungry years after that.

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