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Are you a venue looking to book a live entertainment band?

Join our weekly showcasing on to screen performers who are ready to play and will not comply other than with the ever so beautiful concept of consent, respect, love to the detail and 360 orientation. Talent! Live. For the upcoming weekend. Get your pens ready and please mute yourself upon joining the zoom meeting thank you.

Are you a live music band (NOT DJ) consisting of 3 or more members looking to bring your entertainment to a venue ?

Join our weekly showcasing on here and have your best live video ready to play –

The only thing I’m asking is: know how to do a screen share in zoom without accidentally showing my guests your porn collection and play audio into your zoom without trashing our membranes.

And then please dress the F up. My audience hears what they see.

Before joining my meeting you ALL have to confirm that you read this document entirely – it’s a bit short of 30 pages so – take some time for this please. If you cannot stick to these guidelines while on the air with us, that will only happen one time.

We are

a small team of seasoned music and media professionals spending decades researching how to gel a room, turn strangers into friends, make icicles dance on tables, and that’s saving you the really exciting parts.

We offer

a wide range of skills and experience. We reject the governments’ lies to destroy the middle class and small business in North America because we love what we do and pride ourselves bringing the debate to the tavern. We do not consent to the government deciding what our occupation should be and what our market should look like. We believe, a free market will always provide. In Canada, such a market has yet to be established. In the meantime we will offer here a blackboard of opportunities for live music bands (must be more than 2 members) and venue owners…

Opportunities in Live music entertainment for venues and bands.

The following conditions apply

1. Remuneration is between band and venue. Every venue owner agrees to pay the band or the bandleader upon arrival at performance location in CASH BEFORE THEY START PLAYING. It is recommended to pay half of remuneration in advance as so to confirm the booking date.

2. Performers and venue management are called upon to negotiate details of engagement, preferably in writing. Who is doing sound ? who is doing light? Who is liable for damaged equipment at the place of performance ?

3. bears no responsibility for performance execution, set up, or behaviour of performers but their own.

4. can provide equipment or services required for fully delivering entertainment on such opportunities. These arrangements are subject to additional agreements. Please inquire within!

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