James Formosa in a live interview at St Brigid’s church in Ottawa, the capital of Canada. Since his involuntary discharge the former captain has been fighting back against what he thinks are not only unlawful decisions of his Canadian military superiors, but outright abuse of process, intended ambiguity describing regulations and procedures as well as code violations in the army logistics amounting to sabotage and the jeopardizing of even the least commitment of the Canadian Armed Forces to mere emergency support in Canadian civil applications.
Interview by abroadcom.net
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Canadian Mass Murder Suspect Died in Custody – RCMP cloaks silence.


Many Canadians are wondering why, once again, the RCMP is withholding key details following a mass attack. By Manisha Krishnan


September 8, 2022, 4:57pmPolice and investigators are seen at the side of the road outside Rosthern, Sask., on Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2022.POLICE AND INVESTIGATORS ARE SEEN AT THE SIDE OF THE ROAD OUTSIDE ROSTHERN, SASK., ON WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 7, 2022. THE CANADIAN PRESS/HEYWOOD YUA prime suspect in one of Canada’s worst mass stabbings died while in police custody, and calls for transparency around the circumstances of his death are growing as law enforcement refuse to provide details. Myles Sanderson, 30, was apprehended by the RCMP—Canada’s federal police force—late Wednesday afternoon, after a four-day manhunt in rural Saskatchewan and a stabbing spree that left 10 people dead and 18 others injured. Sanderson’s brother Damien, 31, also a suspect, was found dead early Monday morning near … Continue reading

Alle sehen weg und viele verschwinden

— Deutsche Version:


Gewissensfragen mit einem Pastor im C Kommittee. Hinsehen ist demokratischer!

The Corona Committee was founded on the initiative of attorney and economist Viviane Fischer and attorney Dr. Reiner Fuellmich. It is conducting a review of evidence on the Corona crisis and measures.

Learn more about the committee: https://corona-investigative-committee.com/

Anonymous tips to the Corona Committee: https://securewhistleblower.com

32 physicians dead and counting – Liberty Talk reveals college corruption

Interview With Canada’s Dr. William Makis who will disclose that It’s at 32 now … 32 that are young, sudden doctor deaths OR suddenly got very aggressive cancer AFTER they took the quack-zeeen. These don’t include the 2 paramedics or nurses or ANY of the teen athletes that have dropped dead suddenly. See Dr. Makis latest post here: https://gettr.com/post/p1pi7tf30f7

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#insidestbrigids #neverDeployed veteran « Clayton Goodwin, “CEO” of the so-called “Veterans Accountability Commission », is rallying more protesters to demonstrate opposition to #Tupoc #TheUnitedPeopleofCanada

even so it is only today that the court hears this civil, perfectly common appearing landlord and tenant dispute for the first time.

This very troublesome, previously well frequented nightly display of inexplicable (believe you me I came in person and tried to understand) aversion, gas lighting, statements of outright falsehoods and lies qualifying for defamation and slander, mocking and taunting #tupoc members, harassment bordering vulgar swearing and insulting, up to daytime assault attacks on the most vulnerable volunteers at the church and theft of property by somebody wearing a face concealing dog mask while committing 3 of these these … Continue reading

Capital Counter Narrative

The counter narrative in the capital of the For-Profit- Corporation of Canada remains an uphill battle.

After one on one consultations with prominent reporters of the diplomatically called legacy media on site, independent reporters as in abroadcom.net observed and experienced over and over again the complete failure and abandonment to even research and report in an analytical way, for example determine what legalities frame the conflict, a previously headline determining and priority occupation for reporters!

No reporter be it from CTV, TVA, Global, numerous reporters from the CBC, Politico, TrueNorth, Rebel News, the Ottawa Sun, LaPresse and the Ottawa Citizen, I ever saw publish ANYTHING remotely resembling the product and or conclusion of a verification whether or not there was a valid and official eviction notice – even so CTV had a lawyer in one of their clips explaining that the deadline to the eviction could have NOT possibly had … Continue reading


this is a listing compiled by a member of one of my freedom groups in social media and I want to dedicate this to everybody who thinks their government would never do such a thing. The disturbing fact is that they’re doing that all the time! The only thing different now is that the violence of the state, look it up in the dictionary that is the definition of terrorism, is now directed against white people as well – that’s the only thing that is new here!

U.S. Government’s Secret Experiments on Its Citizens

(1931) Cancer: The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Investigations infected human subjects with cancer cells. Dr. Cornelius Rhoads established the U.S. Army Biological Warfare facilities in Maryland, Utah, and Panama and began a series of radiation exposure experiments on patients in government and civilian hospitals.

(1932) Syphilis: In the Tuskegee Syphilis Study, two hundred black men diagnosed … Continue reading

Scientific substantiation – still hard to beat!

Update 8th Aug 2022: would love to have the usual suspects record a video response to these questions. Many of them have been answered – scandalously our worst fears are coming true as there is in fact a lot of DNA reverse copied from the artificial, injected mRNA. That means yes it can be passed onto the next generation.

Once you understand the PCR test doesn’t work, everything after that is just a side battlefield.

What do you think is the conflict of interest gain for the whistleblower to lay open his entire professional career shaping and then beknealing everybody on camera to stop this mass vaccination right now – do you think he’s invested in HCQ or Ivrmctn?

If he is in … Continue reading

Patriots have „very limited resources resources“!

https://fb.watch/eET-hoWJp3/?fs=e&s=cl really wondering how they are substantiating those percentages but I haven’t watched it till the end. Note the first thing he says about Patriots, there in comprised the independent media like myself, I have to say my situation is accurately described by this presentation – “they have very limited resources”!


AB Appeals Court aquitted Pastor Pawlowski

On Friday, Rebel News broke the story of the Alberta Court of Appeal’s unanimous decision to overturn Pastor Artur Pawlowski’s contempt of court ruling. It was a complete victory for Pastor Artur and his brother Dawid. The decision went so far as to say those charges should never have applied to him in the first place. Read the full decision right here.For daring to open his church, feed the homeless, and protest injustice, Pastor Artur has endured more hardship at the hands of unelected health officials, police, and politicians over the last two years than most will ever encounter in a lifetime.I wanted to get a personal reaction from the man himself fresh off the ruling, so I joined Pastor Artur at his home to ask him how it feels to land this incredible win after two years of harassment and disappointment.
I also wanted to find … Continue reading

Ukraine war a product of US imperialism

An dem Krieg in der Ukraine ist nicht nur Putin schuld, auch die Ukraine ist verantwortlich. Wenn man sich einmal ansieht wie es über die letzten acht Jahre dazu kam, da haben auch ganz andere Akteure ihr Finger im Spiel, die USA spielen eine gewichtige Rolle. Schon 2014 hat man Miltärberater und Waffen ins Land geschickt und war an dem Regeirungssturz beteiligt. Und letztendlich geht es nur darum das Machtgebiet der USA zu vergrößern. https://www.stern.de/politik/ausland/rolle-der-usa-in-der-ukraine-krise-die-egoistischen-staaten-von-amerika-3677574.html

Jan 6th show trial 2.0

You’re only getting one side of the story. It’s political theatre. Since you are so thirsty for knowledge and dispise ignorance here is a video for you. WATCH THE WHOLE THING. It isn’t long. You can find lots of videos like this on Rumble. Greg Kelly has covered the January 6th protests and he shows and tells you things you won’t see on CNN or in the hearings. You are being lied to. 


The truth is out there but you have to go find it. CNN isn’t going to give it to you.

Trudeau is a far greater threat to freedom than Trump. I recommend you ignore this nonsense and focus on defending your freedoms in Canada ! the next battle is food security! maybe you … Continue reading

Renfrew Unity Camp gearing up


Good news : the 16 year old granddaughter of the passed on founder of the campgrounds in Renfrew is at home and has been released from the hospital as her injuries were a lot less severe than feared right after her accident on Sunday afternoon. In fact, she suffered no brain damage and only one of her arms is mangled – she has no broken bones.
The atmosphere at unity camp in Renfrew is peaceful, and patriots and freedom lovers continue to pour into camp for the Canada Day festivities, while the news from Ottawa and especially about the intimidating, completely exaggerated police presence is worrisome.

Watch DaceyMedia today for reporting in the capital.


Snake poison – the real agenda

Medical experts have evidence that weaponized venom is in the C0V1D “virus” and its deadly “vaccines”. Over 50 years ago, the CIA created a silent “heart-attack” gun that shoots a dart filled with snake venom and shellfish poisons… Instantly killing someone without leaving a trace. What sounds like the plot of a spy novel is 100% true… and documented by the US government itself. As you’ll see in my latest interview with Stew Peters, I discussed the probability that weaponized venom is being created in bioweapon labs around the world, to carry out mass envenomation… potentially in some of the 46 bioweapons labs in Ukraine. I also shared the benefits of Dr. Henry Ealy’s 3-day water fast and how he used it to successfully reverse vaxx-related injuries in 8 of his patients… One of whom had serious neurological effects. This protocol also works in combination with taking proteolytic enzymes – protein enzymes that break down … Continue reading

Hugs and tears over loss and injury in Renfrew freedom camp


In a dramatic turn the 16 year old daughter of the oldest son of the camp founders has been severely injured in a car accident earlier this afternoon near her home. At the time of this briefing the family was waiting to hear back if she was going to be airlifted to Ottawa.

Two days before that, the patriarch of the family and camp founder had passed on – that is a lot of loss to carry on top of the steady flow of maimed and injured due to the toxic injections.

Regardless of these very sad occurrences freedom lovers kept streaming to Renfrew and places in camp are filling up. One organizer explained that there are many speakers lined up, live music and fireworks are planned.

As for media coverage a few independent media already present on the site will cooperate in form of sharing content … Continue reading

Fix Bill C11 – 7 daze left

On Tuesday, C-11 was officially ADOPTED by the House of Commons.1 Yesterday we launched an action that’s already FLOODING the inboxes of Senators across the country with calls to do what the House failed to do — FIX C-11.2But the battle is far from over. Today, we need you to chip in $25 or more to help us lay the foundation for an epic defense against C-11, a bill that STILL gives the CRTC unprecedented power to regulate YOUR videos, podcasts, Spotify feeds, Netflix queue, and more. We only have 7 days left. Will you help us?Chip in Now!We have just 7 days left to reach our $70,000 funding goal and we’re only HALFWAY THERE. This funding is CRITICAL to ensure we can fight back against Bill C-11 and more. If we don’t meet this goal, some of our most critical campaigns — including support to the C-11 fight— will NEED to be cut. We … Continue reading

More shortages?

Do you know what DEF fluid is? It’s Diesel Exhaust Fluid. Every Diesel truck that has been made since 2010 is required to use it. It’s a product made of 67% Urea fertilizer and 33% distilled water. Every diesel truck you see driving down the road today has to have this product to drive. The engines won’t start without it. There are regulators inside the engine that mix DEF with the Diesel to reduce Diesel emissions. That’s the purpose of DEF.
Right now, Russia is the largest exporter of Urea by a wide margin. Qatar is second. Egypt and China are Tied for 3rd. Both Russia and China have decided to no longer export Urea. On top of that, India is the largest manufacturer of Urea in the world even though they consume most of what they make. What little they would export……….they no longer do. They are now stopping the … Continue reading


The trucker who never left Brian Derksen was arrested by Ottawa city police on Tuesday, 31 May 2022 at around noon. Police threatened to trash and throw in the garbage his set up and amplification equipment on camera.


According to his own words police released Derksen at around 8 PM of the same day.

Derksen’s lawyer said, the charges of highway obstruction and obstruction of justice appear untenable and frivolous.

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Camera, interview and production by abroadcom.net


Gatineau police officer seems overwhelmed, incompetent and brutal with mentally challenged appearing suspect on bicycle

Gatineau police officer slams black suspect into house wall


Much of the incompetent violence that an overwhelmed Gatineau police force officer administered on a black man on a bicycle with a bicycle helmet happened before I was able to turn the camera on!

The bicyclist then had still his bike between his legs, while the first police officer was talking down on him with his arm extended, approaching from the left, the southern side of where the cyclist was, with no visible effort to achieve verbal consent while the suspect was protesting and fighting the altercation immediately. To my great shock the officer proceeded to patronize the suspect by touching his arm. The only thing I understood was the bicyclist yelling “ Laisse-moi”, and “laisse mon bicycle”. Later on a supervisor explained to me that the bicyclist was accused of stealing the bike. I pointed out to … Continue reading

How to fail as a journalist

The Johnny Depp / Amber Heard alleged domestic abuse case illustrates in a perfect fashion how the for-profit media channels are complicit in the big lies and deceptions of our times.

Instead of reporting on the fact that many G8 nations are in the process of signing away their bodily autonomy and medical sovereignty to the world health organization and the United Nations which would be significant and dramatically significant for every individual in North America for example, the air time and space and platform is wasted on two people who are in a personal dispute and have no power, nor hold public office.

This abandonment of actual reporting is endemic to main stream – where does the reporting fulfill the mandate and obligation to reflect on whether representation lives up to their promises and delivers actual relief?

Where, as an empath, but also trying to do my … Continue reading

Canadian dictatorship fails to act on storm relief

„That’s cause he’s spending too much money chasing unvaxxed people that travel back to Canada. Giving 4 tests when you already took one to travel that day. The cost of people to watch you do the tests, the cost of purolator to send in the test, the cost of the lab to process the test, the cost of someone calling twice to do a wellness check and someone checking your file daily to see if you checked and then perhaps having an OPP officer check to see if you are home. Geez they checked my friends twice which took a minimum of 1 hour each time at 55-60$ per hour. WHAT A COLOSSAL WASTE OF TAXPAYERS DOLLARS JT especially when they could be helping out the … Continue reading

Chinadoll at the gates


Chinadoll is heartbroken to face the loss of five of her friends to suicide.

please click here to watch the entire interview


check out freedom loving Canadians dropping their two cents in front of Parliament. In our hearts and minds only? Lonely?

Come by n try on a Saturday night! Live! with the trucker who never left

If you lost friends over a difference of opinion just come here and make new ones. we would love to have you!

Dance! Friends! Love. Chants! Chance and opportunity, … Continue reading

Bill C18 = media control by gov

Dear Maren,

Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez recently announced the government’s latest attempt to regulate Canada’s Internet; Bill C-18, the Online News Act.1 There’s a real crisis behind C-18 — the drying up of advertising funding that supported news organizations in the 20th century. But C-18’s solution is a disaster, making news financially INDEBTED to BIG TECH.2

Quality journalism must always be fully independent  but Bill C-18 ‘fixes’ the problem of news funding through a convoluted system that makes news producers increasingly dependent on online platforms and a secret government news approval system, threatening their critical role in holding these powerful bodies accountable.

This is a perfect example of the right impulse, but the wrong execution. We CANNOT allow all news organizations in this country to become shills to Big Tech. We’re about to launch a brand new campaign to fight back against C-18 but we need your support NOW to ensure it gets … Continue reading

Shay Eagle on #tictoc


Looking for a live feed from the big TO #weWillAllBeThere #freedom #rally? Seems Mrs. EagleEye is ready to deliver, on a tight rope walking the line of fire. Please donate and help us cover these xxxtremely misrepresented and misunderstood gatherings defending freedom for all Canadians and Turtle Islanders, thank you, merçi.

Re-Sensitize yourself

From a fb friend

Well, it’s official and it’s been confirmed beyond any doubt in my mind after the past hour of my life. I am NOT like everyone else. Not even close. I AM an empath and anyone claiming I am not clearly doesn’t know the slightest thing about me. I just witnessed someone die or almost die in front of me at the gym. I don’t and won’t know the outcome until later, but for at least a few minutes, he had flatlined and I didn’t think he’d make it.

Like everything else that harms other people or puts them in great danger, it affected me deeply on an emotional and spiritual level I can’t quite explain. It happened literally less than 2 minutes before I got to the gym. I was amped up for a good workout tonight and there was a big crowd around the machine … Continue reading

Freedom advocate Rebecca Shepherd stand4thee.ca wheeled off in handcuffs and released 15 min later by Ottawa municipal Police.

Abroadcom’s Fringe Majority Reports on Twitch.tv


Saturday night around 8 PM several police officers of the Ottawa police services, a municipal police force who arrived in four cars to the scene of the parliamentary hill through the gates on Wellington at Metcalfe Street arrested freedom advocate and stand4thee.ca organizer Rebecca Sheppard

As she refused to take down the sign with vulgar swearing naming Canada’s current Prime Minister, some of the officers proceeded to remove Mrs. Shepherd from the grounds back to the gate on Wellington, where she was held in the back of a police cruiser only to be set free 15 minutes later after the police drove her around the block.

Many constitutional lawyers and experts would most likely interpret this as a sovereignty violation really an act of war and the actual removal as an abuse of the Ottawa police officers executing the political … Continue reading

Speaker Mic @ The P-Gates Sat/Sun

Photo by abroadcom.net A vulnerable and yet determined Brian Derksen shows off a yellow rose that doesn’t want to wilt since Ottawa residents bestowed upon him as a sign of their appreciation and love for his sacrifice!

Ever since he came to Ottawa in January logistics … Continue reading

Veteran Alex Cabana speech

From his fb profile:

Fellow Canadian vet and Brother in arms Alex Cabana speaking from the heart. Uttering words such as love, forgiveness, community and spirituality.

Talking about respect and those who could not return home from wars fought overseas. Talking about respect, gratitude expressed through symbolism such as the war memorial in Ottawa, Canada.

He used words that our political leaders seem to have forgotten. He is not demonising others, he is pointing out that one thing that is so important. Something simple that is love. He seeks that which connects us instead of that which seperates us.

Thank you Alex for getting after it and for showing up. It is not only for Canada, Canadians or Canadian Vets. I feel you are doing this for us all out here in this world.


Statecode Utah: using the term “vaccine” for the experimental gene therapy over the last two years amounts to an intentional misleading of the public – Sneak Peek | David Martin

Covid Revealed – Sneak Peek | David Martin
— Read on vrevealed.com/c19/sneak-peek/david-martin

ON energy minister Smith keeps on giving our taxes to the same friends in the backroom

Energy Minister Todd Smith directs IESO to bypass off-ramp for high-cost Bruce Nuclear re-build

On April 14, 2022 Ontario’s Energy Minister, Todd Smith, directed the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) to take a pass on its opportunity to cancel the re-building of two of the Bruce Nuclear Station’s aging reactors despite the fact that energy efficiency, renewables and storage can now keep our lights on at a lower cost.


In 2015 the then Premier of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne, directed the IESO to sign a 49-year contract with Bruce Power for the re-building of six of its eight nuclear reactors.  

The Bruce Power contract permits the IESO to cancel the re-building of 4 of the 6 reactors without financial penalty if there are lower cost options to keep our lights on.    

As reported by the Globe and Mail on April 15, 2022, … Continue reading