PsychoGulag for military commander? Free political prisoners now, Québec!

Chers amoureux de la liberté,

dear freedom lovers,

SVP votre présence au court EN PERSONNE serait largement appreciée

Please consider attending IN PERSON the following court dates/hearings/trials:


Saint-Joseph-Beauce (Québec) GOS 2VO

Mardi 5 Tuesday, 5th of September 2023 in Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce:

Court House, 795, avenue du Palais

418 397-7187 p

418 397 7968 f

Heures d’ouverture/opening hours

Du lundi au vendredi / Mon – Fri: 8.30-12h am et and 13 -16h / 1 -4pm


Mercredi Wednesday, 27th of September 2023 in Victoriaville:

800, boulevard Bois-Francs Sud

Victoriaville (Québec)

819 357-2054 p

819 357-5517 f

Heures d’ouverture/opening hours

Du lundi au vendredi / Mon – Fri: 8.30-12h am et and 13 -16h / 1 -4pm

Pour signaler votre proteste contre l’emprisonnement illegal de

To signal your protest to the ongoing illegal detention of

1. Political prisoner, legally blind military commander and medical … Continue reading

#TonyLyons hosting #DickRussell on his new #RFKJr #book

Who is ‘The Real RFK, Jr.?’ In this episode, author Dick Russell and publisher Tony Lyons look back at the career of Children’s Health Defense founder, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. They discuss his work in environmental advocacy, including efforts to clean up water pollution, protect children from heavy metals and support healthy farming practices. Watch the conversation on ‘Good Morning CHD.’


‘The Real Rfk, Jr.’ – Dick Russell

Another Kennedy Living Dangerously – Mark Leibovich (Published 2006)

Interview: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. – Jimmy Langman

Futaleufú Riverkeeper

Salon Now

Our Future Is On The Line (Climate Change NRDCflix)

‘Deadly Immunity’ – Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

‘Tobacco Science And The Thimerosal Scandal’ – Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

About NRDC

Riverkeeper, Inc.

Hudson River PCBs

Waterkeeper Alliance

‘Hudson River Shows Signs Of Rebound After Decades As … Continue reading

Part 1: RFK Jr announces candidacy – sound goes down while speaking “truth” !

This is the first part of a commented review on copyright and production issues with regards to the live production into the livestream of on Wednesday, 19 April 2023

Where RFK Jr otherwise also known as Bobby Kennedy Jr announced that he is in the race to win the Democratic nomination for candidate for the US presidency in just about a year.

Brought to you by

I recorded my images per screen recording during the Facebook live, and in order to come to a uninterrupted stream I scrolled back in the stream thus my recording was about two minutes behind real time.

Please verify what Facebook did or did not do yourself! here is the link to the replay of the original recording.

I am working on finishing the second and the third part and in the meantime #teamKennedy has published … Continue reading

Anderson in Canada – strange signalling all over.

Please watch like and subscribe and also fill me in in the comments :

what are you all making of this?

A in Canada – außer Spesen nichts gewesen?

Dark OPs too secret for the president – too illegal to continue!

Dr Steven Greer live on the Shawn Ryan Show confirms pretty much our worst worries as free NorthAmericans, however nothing that well read and open minded people have not known for a longer time. Listen to a decade old veteran and expert in the fight of revealing the obvious to a generally ignorant general population:

Canada under martial law – Was it legit? UNEDITED recs of the gov hearings on my D live channel 4 1WEEK ONLY

The liberal Trudeau government invoked the emergency measures act de facto declaring martial law nationwide in February. This commission is tasked to find out and probe whether reason and concern enough existed at the time – after Nearly 4 weeks of hearings it doesn’t seem so and you can watch and hear multiple witnesses in the government commit perjury on camera.

I guarantee the recordings as I edited Absolutely nothing – I remember only from one replay where I skipped about 2 to 3 minutes of the live stream that I was tuned into because I had some commentary – as the audio has been picked up via my live streaming device with the built in microphone, my original commentary is together on one track – are you gonna get a kick out of that I’m even swearing here and there and apologies for that.

Fix Bill C11 – 7 daze left

On Tuesday, C-11 was officially ADOPTED by the House of Commons.1 Yesterday we launched an action that’s already FLOODING the inboxes of Senators across the country with calls to do what the House failed to do — FIX C-11.2But the battle is far from over. Today, we need you to chip in $25 or more to help us lay the foundation for an epic defense against C-11, a bill that STILL gives the CRTC unprecedented power to regulate YOUR videos, podcasts, Spotify feeds, Netflix queue, and more. We only have 7 days left. Will you help us?Chip in Now!We have just 7 days left to reach our $70,000 funding goal and we’re only HALFWAY THERE. This funding is CRITICAL to ensure we can fight back against Bill C-11 and more. If we don’t meet this goal, some of our most critical campaigns — including support to the C-11 fight— will NEED to be cut. We … Continue reading

On the Move – WP manipulations for a mobile life style.

1. Whatever you do, change only one thing at a time. If that change interferes with scripts that are necessary to run in order for your website to function the way you intended, then you will immediately understand what caused the problem.

To illustrate that: if you were thinking of installing a new plug-in, install the plug-in and then look at your page, and then activate the plug-in, and then look at your page again to see what that actually does.

If everything is working smoothly, you can install and activate the next plug-in.


Make sure that your page is at the safest URL which is no longer HTTP:// but rather HTTPS://. I was unaware and ignored that for the longest time and only noticed because of error logs that my site was not secure and that might also happened to the visitors to … Continue reading

Neue, liberale Regierung in Canada – Harper abgewählt!

Wieder nur einen Sitz für die Green Party of Canada – mit Proportionaler Representation wie in Deutschland hätten sie 10 erreicht:

How to Share With Just Friends

How to share with just friends.

Posted by Facebook on Friday, December 5, 2014

Hier ist der neue Premierminister Justin Trudeau, Sohn des früheren PM’s Pierre Elliot Trudeau, mit seiner Siegesrede in der Nacht nach der Wahl:

Tragedy in tough town: what happened in Ottawa, ON on WED 22nd OCT 2014

Thankfully, some of us have not stopped questioning authority. I promised on facebook to publish my questions about how WED 22nd of October went down in Ottawa, ON, the Canadian capital. After continuous screening of reactions being glued to the screen just like y’all (which brought in lots of Mecker from Brian that I should play my bass) yourself, I feel, that many talented people in our virtual (never really understood why you would call it that way, as if to demean it in comparison to “full-bodied” communities, when it’s really a place where people associate over their like-mindedness and share of thought and thought process to discuss and exchange, and one doesn’t smell their bad breath, farts and sweat, what’s not to like?) communities already make very good points, and I will list and embed here, what is interesting and odd, because:

IAMCanadian Continue reading

Spektakel on air Sat 13th of September 2014

Howdy y’all, glorious summer for us here in the dictatorship of Stephen Harper (peace noble prize nomination when he really has been doing nothing but inciting hate with the most divisive policies ever known to Canada and pushing war – wth, Nobel Peace Prize Committee?) –

In the upcoming show I plan on having recordings of all the beautiful artists we met during our trip 2 Chicago, IL – and one amazing trip it was – so tune in again
live stream 11am EST/17h MEZ

And just remember: and in all the muscle flexing and scape-goating of the war pushers, it has been only 100 years since WWI – and then compare our conditions (debt, mismanagement of resources and finance and dictatorial governments all over) and understand that we r just 1 spark away from another worldwide spread of the royal game: 1% make … Continue reading

Happy 420. that we have this plant is a reason 2 celebrate.

Watch live streaming video from pottvnetwork at

Kanadische Finanzen, zweiter Teil/Hintergrundinfo

Hier ist ein exzellenter Artikel zum Thema wer finanziert hier wen. Ein kleiner Ausschnitt:

“From the days of beaver trapping to today’s aspirations of becoming an energy superpower, Canada’s economy has always been based on natural resources. With 90% of its settler population amassed along the southern border, exploitation of the land’s wealth almost always happens at the expense of the Indigenous population.

Canada’s economy could not have been build without massive subsidies: of land, resource wealth, and the incalculable cost of generations of suffering.

Overall numbers are difficult to pin down, but consider the following: Canadian governments received $9 billion in taxes and royalties in 2011 from mining companies, which is a tiny portion of overall mining profits; $3.8 billion came from exports of hydroelectricity alone in 2008, and 60 per cent of Canada’s electricity comes from hydroelectric dams; one estimate has tar sands extraction bringing … Continue reading

Confirmed again: “Canada may use information obtained through torture” (via Canadian Progressive World)

I would like to republish an article courtesy of Obert Madondo – check out his blog – he’s got some really interesting info up and it’s a great place if you are interested in the way Canada is evolving, or lately, sadly, seems to be dominated by a very backwards oriented federal government.

Confirmed again: “Canada may use information obtained through torture” (via Canadian Progressive World)

Last February, we learned that Public Safety Minister Vic Toews had quietly authorized the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) to use information gleaned from terror suspects through torture. Today, Toews’’ spokesperson, Mike Mueller, confirmed that the Canadian government is open to using information gleaned under dubious circumstances abroad.

Mueller was responding to new revelations that CSIS has a new secret high-level committee, the Information Sharing Evaluation Committee, which … Continue reading

Casserole Movement in Montréal

Every night @ around 8 pm, Montréalers start banging pots and pans to express their protest against la loi 78 – a Québec law recently passed in reaction to students protesting planned tuition increases. The new law makes it mandatory to inform police about demonstrations with more than 50 participants as well as the exact routing of every march.

Chaque jour, autour de 20 h, les Montréalais commençent à battre sur des pots et choudrons pour exprimer leur proteste contre la loi québecoise 78, reçemmement approuvée qui éxige d’informer la police s’il y a plus de 50 participants à la manifestation et aussi son trajet éxacte.

Jeden Abend nach 20 h trommeln Montréaler auf Pfannen und Töpfen, um gegen das neue Québec Gesetz 78 zu protestieren, das vorschreibt, Demonstrationen anzumelden, sollten mehr als 50 Personen daran teilnehmen, sowie auch die genaue Route des Marsches der Polizei anzugeben.

Election fraud – Robocalls update/background

Wähler in sieben Wahlkreisen seien mit Telefonmarketing zum falschen Wahllokal gelockt worden, so eine Umfrage, die vom Council of Canadians in Auftrag gegeben wurde. In jedem davon gewann der Kandidat der Konservativen Partei. Die im Kontinent überall vertretene Bürgerrechtsgruppe bezweifelt die Legimität der Ergebnisse in jenen Wahlkreisen.

Ein Update zusammengestellt von der Canadian Broadcasting Corporation CBC:

“Those who had already answered questions about for whom they would vote were almost twice as likely to receive a call that their polling station had changed, the poll found, with 34 per cent who identified their voting intention reporting polling station calls versus 18 per cent who wouldn’t say for whom they planned to vote.

Voters surveyed by Ekos in the seven target ridings were more likely to get misleading calls claiming their polling stations had changed. The poll found 3.8 per cent of those surveyed in the subject ridings got … Continue reading

Der Drache ist wach – Kanadischer Protest, die Zweite.

oder Wie Earth Day in Montreal einen Prager Frühling bestellt und zehntausende in den Straßen sieht … der Widerstand in Québec hat ein neues Gesicht: ein friedliches, sehr engagiertes, wohl organisiertes und sehr gut aussehendes Gesicht. Ich sehe die Propaganda-pusher im Lager der Konservativen um die Röhre clustern und Ränkeschmiede brainstormen, das Doppel-P in den Augen. Nach den brutalen Festnahmen am Freitag und Sachbeschädigung am Eingang des Gebäudes in dem der geaustete Premier eine Investorenkonferenz abhielt, zeigen die friedlichen Massen am Sonntag in Montreal gut informierten und entschlossenen Widerstand gegen die undemokratische und verschwenderische Ausbeutung der enormen Bodenschätze des Riesenkontinents. Kanada’s multikulturelle und offiziell zweisprachige Metropole ist Schauplatz und gleichzeitig Akteurin, Opposition auf den Straßen unter dem königlichen Berg, gegen neo-konservativen Raubbau an Staat und Wirtschaft zu einem Zeitpunkt, während dessen in den zwei Parlamentskammern die Opposition in jeder Abstimmung schlicht und ergreifend zahlenmäßig unterliegt, und die Nation … Continue reading

Teargas while students protest in Montreal

Published on Apr 21, 2012 by RussiaToday

“In Canada, riot police used tear gas and stun grenades to disperse hundreds of students protesting outside a government building in central Montreal. At least two demonstrators and two officers were injured in the violence and seventeen people were arrested. Students are angry at a planned 75 percent rise in tuition fees. They’ve been demonstrating almost daily since declaring a boycott on classes over two months ago, with the government refusing to back down. Citizen journalist Bernard Desgagne says that the situation is getting more violent and that the police reaction towards protesters is too brutal”, (up to $ 400 fines for simply walking on the side walks).

This happened while students were protesting in Montreal. 151 are reported arrested in Gatineau on Thursday, while demonstrating against a 75 percent increase over five years in tuition fees.

This is a … Continue reading

Thoughts on today and tomorrow

Macdonald J E Stainsby 10:57pm Jan 18
Not a statement, but a thought on the denial of the Keystone XL permit. This was not Obama “getting it right”– this was Obama afraid of people power. As a result of the long term struggles of many groups– in particular the first nations being killed off in actual fact by tar sands developments and all of the infrastructure from gas lines that feed to pipelines that supply and refineries that develop in Ontario, the US and elsewhere– but also the real fear of an administration that has seen people in city after city and across the US *in the streets*, taking back their power in numbers not seen in decades, the real heroes are all of you who have participated in building resistance to KXL, climate change, tar sands and corporate plunder and even capitalism itself. You– not Obama– are to … Continue reading

How to recognize insurgents who threaten democracy in Canada

As US President Barack Obama rejects the Keystone Excel Pipeline as proposed by Trans Canada Corp. today, the focus is on Canada’s Northern Gateway Proposal. Thankfully, die urwüchsige Nation scheint aufgerüttelt und für eine echte und öffentliche Debatte:

Harper warns pipeline hearings could be “hijacked” on CBC News
An Open Letter from Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver in The Globe And Mail
Harper says pipeline debate should be left to Canadians in CBC News
Opposition to oil tankers on the rise in Forest Ethics
Save the Fraser Declaration
Pipeline project a gateway to disaster

The return of Helena Guergis – das Aufräumen nach der Dreckschlacht der Cowboy-Party part II

The former Minister for the Status of Women launches a 1.3 million dollar law suit against the Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper, Labour Minister Lisa Raitt and more under allegations of conspiracy and defamation.

Way to go Helena Guergis.

31 pages on how Prime Minister Steven Harper, some assistants and entourage bullied the promising Minister for the Status of Women outta there. I’m getting the popcorn ready. Looks like a can of bad assets rebuttal. Just hoping the Crown’s gonna get a handle on the documentation before the Cons delete it all. They do seem to be able to press buttons …

I would wish some judicial consequences, for a head of government, but also for everybody else who was not hesitant to throw a lot of dirt on a public servant. Her reputation was trashed on accusations (delivered 2 Stevie from a bankrupt private investigator owing two million … Continue reading

New York Connects @ The #General Assembly

General Assembly? A tedious, all engulfing, wonderfully connected experience, where r all voices present r heard, until consent is reached, bettering ideas and shaping the planned application while coming up with the solution that all can live with. Una Spenser describes the form of democracy that makes people happy in Daily Kos. What a great article, what great accuracy with the words – thank u, and right on!

SAT OCT 8: tune in2 barKanada

Workin’ on it as I am typing, u can tune in from 11 am EST/17h MEZ via live stream here – anybody heard ’bout the protests on Wall Street in New York? Apparently somebody photoshopped a google earth pic 2 make the crowd look bigger – there is an interesting discussion about that right here. Just click the word “here”!

4 me, this is the most interesting comment, close 2 the 1 question everybody assessing the truthfulness of any publication should ask:

Who is profiting from the notion that the publications evokes? Who is the real author?

This is the comment (left by Jordan October 3, 2011 at 2:46 am)

“I think the real question for this community to get to the bottom of at this point is who is Jason Wettstein and did he even make this image at all? It looks like he stole the image … Continue reading

YouTube shows Ottawa Solidarity-With-Bahrain footage

Update March 28 2011 6.23h pm
I got to double check the map and had to correct direction of marching protesters from “north north east” to ” north north west”. To illustrate that better, I embedded said map into this post below.

Slowly there’s the footage of Saturday’s Solidarity-For-Bahrain-demonstration surfacing: March 22 2011 3.05h am

http:// watch?v=vL-ev0J57DY two space bars make the link address visible in this post

now here u see exactly, how the protest moves north north west on Sussex Drive, with the US embassy on the right, and the Ottawa river up Sussex in the viewer’s back, approaching the second stop after parliament, the Saudi-Arabian embassy. The movie ends, with images shortly before the crowd crosses onto the river side of Sussex Drive, just at the curve to the East where that road has 2 follow the river for a while, if I interpret … Continue reading

No double checking @ The Ottawa Citizen when forwarded info from police

I have spoken with Claire Brownell who handed my call 2 David Wrigley @ The Ottawa Cititzen. That conversation I recorded. U can listen 2 it right here:

phone Interview with David Wrigley @ The Ottawa Citizen

where David Wrigley from the Ottawa Citizen admits 2 not checking the info coming from police and naively claims, “there is no political agenda”, never having researched any of what was just published.

After I voiced my concerns about the false statements on the website of The Ottawa Citizen from the 19. March, the mistake was hastily corrected, obviously without any additional research or double checking on the content on my input, and remained wrong, as The Saudi-Embassy is on Sussex Drive over looking the Ottawa River, not in the Byward Market, as I explained while on the phone with David Wrigley.

Also, still no word about the protest against the … Continue reading

Anti-Saudi-protests misreported by major Ottawa media

I joined a group of protesters Saturday afternoon at about 4.30h pm EST on Sussex Drive/US embassy and would like 2 note the following observations – March 20th, 4.31 am EST:

First of all, a very basic check (asked different protesters if they knew where the Bahraini embassy in Ottawa were with all of them declining any knowledge, then google with a listing in Washington, DC) seems 2 indicate that Canadian-Bahraini affairs are dealt with over only two North American diplomatic missions of the Island Kingdom, one to the US in the capital of Washington, the other to the Unites Nations in New York. No diplomatic mission of Bahrain to Canada, according to the web site of the government of Bahrain:

Boteler Street was closed off and so was Sussex Drive, yet that safety measure was taken by what appeared a well … Continue reading