Independent Blues Showcase

The independent blues showcase emerged out of the desire to offer live productions of the old styles from the days when blues and jazz was just a matter of your upbringing but pertain to the same style – to the next generations and therefore present bands who play the old styles in an authentic way.

The recognition that the rhythm centred history of all north American music styles has little influence on contemporary commercial releases prompted blues in schools in Ottawa to hire an old-school authentic player of the southern North American rhythms to be their only drum teacher in the capital of Canada – good drummer, good band, that same gentleman guarantees for that back pocket delivery and has presented to the NCR the most versatile and most interesting bands throughout a culturally extremely diverse and vibrant period of time to produce live shows over the last three decades and longer.

Here he is with his partner of 10 years on the bass, a student of the old-school herself, presenting the enormous talents of hard-working trad blues guitar players training in the old styles, addressing the crowd in the universal language of the blues – this has two purposes if not more


Younger and/or overlooked players can learn/present the old styles and how to play in a band in a safe environment and receive reward and encouragement

Our aim is to give that a platform that may result in sponsoring deals, media attention, AirPlay, record releases, recording sessions – the idea is to further the forthcoming of the careers of those traditional players, and the ISC has a mandate to facilitate that in which ever way possible. in this context it might be interesting to mention that the independent blues showcaing maintains their own recording facilities, and can assist with a select number of extremely experienced producers, co-producers and recording engineers as well as a lustre of international cast of studio musicians.


The musical heritage from the freedom yearning south into the motor cities of Cleveland Chicago and Detroit and over the underground railroad into Canada and up eastern Canada deserves manifest living expression or else all preservation effort will fail – for that reason the educational BENEFIT of this project cannot be overstated – Abroadcom is hence humbled and honoured, even proud to launch the second round of the independent blues showcasing ISC 2020!

Join us for the launch at the on Bank Street at McLaren or Somerset on

Fat Tuesday for our

Mardi Gras Dance

February 25, 2020 or

come every Thursday to our weekly

Jeudis Bluezz at the

Montcalm Tavern in Hull

8pm 20h

Winner ISH 2018/19

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