Shay Eagle on #tictoc

Looking for a live feed from the big TO #weWillAllBeThere #freedom #rally? Seems Mrs. EagleEye is ready to deliver, on a tight rope walking the line of fire. Please donate and help us cover these xxxtremely misrepresented and misunderstood gatherings defending freedom for all Canadians and Turtle Islanders, thank you, merçi.

Federal tyrants coming for pensions and benefits

Bill S-233 is currently waiting for third reading in the SENATE, if passed it will be made law which means if you are not vaccinated you will not receive EI, CPP, OHS, Social Services or Pension that YOU PAID INTO. This is part of the New Social Bank Credit System. Also c-273 is aimed to SENIORS who are not vaccinated, even if they can’t for any reason, they will not receive any benefits that they worked all their lives for.
Copy and paste all the Senate emails plus add your local MP
and send one broadcast email. The government is trying to sneak this in while folks are distracted with the Ukraine situation
People need to immediately write their local Federal MP and all the senate members a broadcast email
Subject line: “Oppose Bill S-233” as it violates a democratic society. Here is the list of all the Senate email addresses:,, … Continue reading

Wellington Street, Ottawa, Canada, 1st of July 2021

Watch almost the complete schedule of speeches during Thursday, 1 July at the gatherings alongside Wellington Street in Canada‘s capital, Ottawa. The following link leads to my YouTube channel where this clip hopefully will remain for a few weeks anyway but who knows.

Wellington Street Gatherings Thu, 1st July 2021

We are working on a commentary about these rather turbulent and torn presentations.

What do you think?

Is Hildebrandt a sleeper?

Is Hillier part of the controlled opposition? Or just your regular right wing “white supremacist”, as Matthew Behrens likes to put it, or forever unable to express any empathy?

White settlers in front of the Superior Court of Canada, indigenous Canada on Parliament Hill, it all on unceded territory. Unchained Christian street preachers in both camps, absurdly arguing a supreme being to claim decent treatment and individual consideration as the dignity of human kind is untouchable.

Isn’t that … Continue reading