Playlist barKanada DEC 2010

Shake It Upside Down (excerpt) Steve Marriner Going Up 2007
Shine A Little Light Jeremy Fisher Flood 2010
Blue Christmas Matt Andersen Spirit Of Christmas 2011
Step Right Up Mike Essoudry’s Mash Potatoe Mashers 2011
Road Song Vaillancourt Orr Vaillancourt/Be 3 Live In The Studio 2007
Mrs Robinson (excerpt) (Simon & Garfunkel) Roch Voisine Americana III 2010
I’m A Believer (excerpt)
Let’s Make A Human Marc Robert Nelson EP 2010
Please Don’t Think Less Of Me Tom Keenan Romantic Fitness 2010
Revolution Coco Love Alcorn Joyful 2009
Compatriots Sarah Slean The Baroness Redecorates 2008
Four am Love Song Ode Karyn Ellis Hearts Fall 2005
The Island Royal Wood The Waiting 2010
Can I Be Your Mirror The Fembots Calling Out 2008
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Playlist barKanada 13. März 2010

Let’s Mambo Carlos De Junco Blues Mongrel 1998
From The Water Colin Linden From The Water 2009
We Are Digging Roots We Are 2009
Bye Bye Montreal Amelia Curran Hunter, Hunter 2009
The Long Way Home Catherine MacLellan Church Bell Blues 2007
Fast Paced World The Duhks Fast Paced World 2009
Ito Eats Elvis Bossa Nova Hi, I’m Elvis Bossa Nova 2009
When The Night Hears My Song (excerpt) Bedouin Soundclash
Rude Boy Don’t Cry  Bedouin Soundclash Sounding A Mosaic 2004
Lotusflower The Souljazz Orchestra Rising Sun 2010
Gitane Amanda Martinez Amor 2009
Midnight Train South Mountain We’re Back 2002
Your Heart Or Mine Kevin Head Hear ‘Em Calling 2010