Stop arming Israeli apartheid!

<<Stop arming Israeli apartheid. Outside Global Affairs building in Ottawa tonight. In 2019 Canada approved 401 permits for weapons exports to Israel.

Two Quick Actions You Can Take to End Canadian Complicity in the Slaughter of Palestinians

1. Israel is the top non-U.S. destination for Canadian weapons export permits, the same weapons which are slaughtering Palestinians every day, the same weapons used in the daily enforcement of apartheid. On 401 separate occasions in 2019, Canada’s Global Affairs bureaucracy sat down and ignored Israel violations of Palestinian human rights and approved the weapons sales that its government partner, the Canadian Commercial Corporation, had brokered. Call/write Global Affairs Minister Marc Garneau (613-996-7267, and demand a permanent halt to the sale of Canadian weapons to Israel. Weapons sales to the USA are an additional, undocumented back door to sending weapons to Israel. Ultimately, the production and sale of weapons should fully end … Continue reading