N u alwayze thought this was a Rock song!

Even when white suburban little Bourgoises’ do it, u can tell where that ALL STARTED.

SLOW DOWN everything and New Orleans will engulfe u like a mother a long lost child coming home.

Did I mention PMJ is still touring? check the concert dates to the right to catch fabulous Miche Braden with this Guns & Roses chart breaker:

Spektakel is airing tomorrow (every 2nd SAT of the month), 11am EST / 17h MESZ live stream on www.tonkuhle.de.

There is 1 authentic NO drummer in this town, and he has a really groovy band live every Wednesday (Southern Jazz Lounge) and Thursday (Blues) at the super cozy and well mannered Black Irish Pub just steps from the Rivierain Park on the eastern shore of the Rideau River. 7pm and the dancfloor is all yours. in the kitchen is a 5-star chef wo serves … Continue reading

The Brian Downey Band every Wednesday @ The Black Irish Pub, Ottawa.

The capital’s grand daddy of the shuffle put together another great version of his ever evolving band formations and is celebrating Afro-American composers and musicians, presenting Blues & Jazz and everything in between with the ease of a southern breeze!

Especially Brent Weatherall on the guitar continues to amaze with musicality and versatility and has honed and polished his singing beautifully. He used to also play a lot of bass with Downey, who now finally, has his female singer of 5 years on the bass: Maren Molthan who seems to enjoy to sing over her own pockets and sure makes a point in holding down a funky groove. A long way from her native Germany, she seems to have scooped up some of that southern sweetness in her stage presence throughout extended trips across the USA. Horace Hogans on percussion and vocals is a musical … Continue reading

playlist barKanada March 2012

Shake It Upside Down Steve Marriner 2007
Peace Is The Only Way Lenka Lichtenberg/Roula Said Bridges 2012
El Mi Migoalei Dam Etzak Lenka Lichtenberg Songs For The Breathing Walls
State Of Emergency Halabisky’s Uprising 2011
B.A.M.F Ed Lister/ The Chocolate Hot Pockets 2012
Yer Spring Hey Rosetta Seeds 2011
Mustt Mustt Kiran-Ahluwalia Aam Zameen : common ground 2011
Another One Bill Johnson Still Blue 2010
Fiddle Back Donny Parenteau To Whom It May Concern 2012
Good Enough The Nylons ?
What A Fool Believes The Nylons Skin Tight 2012
Shake It Upside Down Steve Marriner 2007

Wasser! Endlich wieder flüssig! Kälte und Trockenheit wie mit einem warmen Schwamm ausgeschwemmt … Die plötzlich und unerwartete Zartheit der wasser-gesättigten Luft, während der Schnee nur so ablebt, in die Fluten stürzt – alles … Continue reading