Making of a dictatorship, Canadian style

From Occupy Canada:

“One of the first steps Stalin took to establish his dictatorship of the Ukraine was to destroy the spirit of the farmers by breaking their protest of 1927. Once this was done, the spirit of the nation was soon to follow and thus the Ukraine entered a 70 year dictatorship.

When the Nazi dictatorship of Germany was being established it was pointed out by a famous writer that as each protest was put down, he let it go because he was able to rationalize how it didn’t really affect him. This was fine until the Gestapo next knocked on his door at which point he realized there was no one left to help him.

Canada is now experiencing a similar development of a “Reform Party” dictatorship. This is because, firstly, Canada has the unique parliamentary system in which the Prime Minister’s office is virtually a dictatorship in … Continue reading