Excluded again – really?

The Green Party won over almost 11 % of the voting German population resulting in 68 seats in the Bundestag in 2009 – they have been in parliament since 1983 where – curiously, not only the liberal party of Germany, FDP, supported a non-confidence-vote that toppled their own coalition with the Social-Democrats SPD and made Helmut Kohl, CEO of the conservative party CDU, chancellor, but also saw the first Green Party members occupy seats in the German equivalent to the federal parliament.

How many of those seats, till 2day, a party gets, follows a system recommended by experts @ fairvote.ca in order 2 increase democracy in the great North – in good old this very similar electoral system sets the threshold 2 get for the proportional part (where the party average across the country is counted) at 5 percent, Austria thinks 4 is better, and the Knesset, the parliament … Continue reading