No more live performances @ L’Escalier Montréal?

Back At The Chicken Shack (Jimmy Smith 1960) was recorded here with Brian Downey feat. “Pedro” Ullmann @ L’Escalier Montréal THU 12 JULY 2012, a hot night it was.

Bad news though, coz the venue remains closed to live performances since June 2013. Please show your solidarity with this petition to reinstate live performances @ L’Escalier Montreal. The delay by the City of Montreal seems arbitrary knowing the venue has been fully sound proofed and was ready to reopen in July 2013 yet remains closed because of which these cats have lost four shows this summer with no recompensation or replacement whatsoever.

Amazing and unique in Canada on the B3, Laszlo Ullmann is somewhat depending on gigs in Montreal because of his hospitalized brother. Brian Downey on the drums has no other player he locks in like he does with … Continue reading