Hallo Deutschland: liebe Grüße, Kostas.

Hallo Deutschland: Bitte mal (das Gehirn) einschalten, liebe Grüße, Kostas.

jeden 2ten Samstag im Monat
SPEKTAKEL – Juli-Spezial Thema Griechenland – eine nord-amerikanische Perspektive
live stream 11am ESST / 17h MESZ tonkuhle.de

mit Musik und Auszügen aus diesen Clips:

Brian and Blackie and the loss of music part 1.

Duke Ellington, Paul Gonzales and other sleeping beauties. This is the concert to which Brian is referring : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17sjblH8bnw

On a side note:
After months of effort by L’Escalier Montreal to retrieve a permit by the city of MOntreal to restart their EVERYDAY live presentations the venue is still unable to do so, despite the whole level having been completely overhauled –

The Brian Downey Band feat. Montreal’s own Pedro Ullmann lost 4 (!!!!) shows that way with no replacement whatsoever – please give the minister an earfull, phone as follows:


Monsieur François Robillard
Téléphone : 514 868-5178


please share, thank you. You can also sign and share the following petition. https://secure.avaaz.org/fr/petition/Sauvons_les_spectacles_a_lEscalier/sign/

In light of the latest efforts of our dictator government to bureaucratize and ultimately kill live music, a highly profitable industry with a lot … Continue reading