Gen Silencing?

Red Alert! Friends, I know it is easier said than done, but please do your best to warn people, especially of reproductive age and for children to avoid these experimental Poisons at all costs!

More mechanisms are being proposed as to how SGT injections can alter gene expression, resulting in catastrophic effects on fertility, auto-immunity, cancers.

BTW, Dr. Bruno is suggesting that these mRNA sequences may be resistant to degradation. Yet, Health Canada claims “They do their job and go away.”

We know that Spike proteins are highly homologous to Syncytin 1 and 2.

Carriage and horse analogy applies here. Did they pick a protein that “coincidentally” is critical for placental and embryonic-fetal development?

My theory, the reason why this homology exists is because viruses are exosomes. Therefore, they are manipulating our own genetic material, and also adding unnatural modifications to it and using synthetic nucleotides. As a result the … Continue reading