Playlist barKanada FEB 2013

Who Put The Blame On Who (excerpt) PEACEWORK choices 2007
Tha Message Dallas Arcand aka KrazyKree   N REZalationzzz 2007

Als nächstes spiele ich wieder Allen Stone, aus gutem Grund, erstens singt er super, dieser Sohn eines protestantischen Pastors, kein Witz, alles genau wie im Song von Dusty Springfield, und zweitens gibt es seinen vierteiligen sampler “The Sleep” über Noisetrade im kostenlosen oder Trinkgeld-Download, deshalb meine Wahl hier Allen Stone mit dem Titel “Six Years”, ein Live-Take aus dem Studio.

Six Years live in the studio Allen Stone The Sleep JAN 2013
Cigarettes & Truckstops Lindi Ortega Cigarettes & Truckstops 2012
RunAway Heart Hilotrons At Least There’s Commotion 2013
Chiquitita (by Abba) Elisapie Isaac live Festival D’Été 2010

Na wär’ hätte das gedacht, Chiquitita, ein Abba-Titel, den wir … Continue reading

Bar Kanada – Musik from the inside!

Hello everybody

and thank u for contributing to my first show about Canadian musicians and the fantastic music constantly overflowing from this giant country.

My show “BarKanada” aired Wednesday, DEC 3rd, 10am EST, 4pm MEZ on the German community radio station Radio Tonkuhle (click on live stream). They broadcast in both live internet stream and fm license (also via cable). Find my playlist below …

I am looking forward to having new as well as established artists on my show BarKanada – for now, I am publishing one hour every first Saturday (next Jan 3rd) of the month from 11am-12pm EST, 5-6pm MEZ. Deadline is the week before.

Please send your cd to Maren Molthan, BarKanada, PO Box 71, Merrickville, ON (no paper, please – epk’s are ok). Info can be emailed to (ABSOLUTELY no attachments, unless we agree BEFORE your sending on an exception). Before coming to … Continue reading