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Devil Didn’t Make Me Do It Patrick Brealey Mercury In Songbirds 2009
Reseda Tomi Swick myspace
Little Love Meaghan Smith Crickets’s Quartet 2010
Empire On The Plains Jason Plumb & The Willing Wide Open 2009
Silos Ana Miura The Kindness Years 2010
Shakedown Lindy Suspension Of Disbelief 2004
Comme T’es Amelie Lefebvre Amelie: Amelie Lefebrvre
Le Petit Jardin Les Singes Bleus myspace
She’s A Waterfall David Celia This Isn’t Here 2007
North American Dream Nathan Wiley The City Destroyed Me 2010
The Signs Kevin Fox Songs For Cello And Voice 2010
Sleep Please Come To Me Matthew Barber Ghost Notes 2007
Racing With The Sun The Wailin Jennys Live At Mauch Chunk Opera House 2009
Willow Weep For Me Renée Yoxon Let’s Call … Continue reading

Lindy und die Polizei

Did you know that Provincial Police
– across Canada do not keep any record of the strip searches that they perform?
– with their persistent refusal to integrate records of strip searches, to obtain the permission of a supervisor and to respect gender with same sex officers violate the order of law as sentenced by Canada’s Supreme Court for ten years now?
– in Toronto court cases have records from the years 2001-05 indicating the biggest strip searched group were under 17 year old girls and about every THIRD arrested person with rising trend was strip searched?
– across Canada seem to incorporate strip searches not as a means of assuring security for all involved but for the purpose of intimidation according to scientific analysis of court cases involving strip searches?

I just have the song for all you outraged friends of freedom:
Gonna … Continue reading