The return of Helena Guergis – das Aufräumen nach der Dreckschlacht der Cowboy-Party part II

The former Minister for the Status of Women launches a 1.3 million dollar law suit against the Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper, Labour Minister Lisa Raitt and more under allegations of conspiracy and defamation.

Way to go Helena Guergis.

31 pages on how Prime Minister Steven Harper, some assistants and entourage bullied the promising Minister for the Status of Women outta there. I’m getting the popcorn ready. Looks like a can of bad assets rebuttal. Just hoping the Crown’s gonna get a handle on the documentation before the Cons delete it all. They do seem to be able to press buttons …

I would wish some judicial consequences, for a head of government, but also for everybody else who was not hesitant to throw a lot of dirt on a public servant. Her reputation was trashed on accusations (delivered 2 Stevie from a bankrupt private investigator owing two million … Continue reading