Fin: Bay du Nord 15 avril

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D’ici le 15 avril, le gouvernement Trudeau doit décider du sort de Bay du Nord [1], un méga projet extracôtier d’exploitation pétrolière au large des côtes de Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador.

Si le gouvernement est sérieux et cohérent envers ses engagements dans la lutte aux changements climatiques, il doit rejeter ce projet de la société norvégienne Equinor. Selon l’évaluation initiale, le projet Bay du Nord aurait permis d’extraire 300 million de barils de pétrole sur un horizon de 30 ans [2]. Mais depuis ce temps, l’estimation a augmenté et s’élève maintenant à un milliard de barils [3]! C’est comme si on ajoutait l’équivalent des émissions de gaz à effet de serre (GES) de 7 à 10 millions de voitures à essence sur nos routes [4]! 

Tweetez pour dire aux membres du cabinet Trudeau de rejeter le projet d’exploitation pétrolière Bay du Nord et … Continue reading

Pipe Dream

The land of Haida Gwaii is threatened by the building of a giant pipeline and the arrival of oil tankers. Two brothers take matters into their own hands to find a solution, and end up getting some supernatural help from Raven.

“Yo kids, gotta do more than recycle. Gotta go psycho ‘Bout where the pipe goes.”

Message to Stephen Harper:
Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Harper,
Please remember: you work for the people of Canada. Not for the International Oil Companies.
The people of Haida Gwaii don’t want the Enbridge Pipeline.
The seas here support a bounty of natural life. We don’t want oil tankers in these precious waters.
Oil tankers bring oil spills and oil spills would damage this ecosystem, and the fish, shellfish, and seaweed upon which the people depend.
We don’t want to move to Alberta and work in the … Continue reading

Gas prices will go up with new Keystone Pipeline

Update 12 JAN: Hervorragende Richtigstellung in “The Ottawa Citizen“, numbers and all:

“If there were a global competition for the most brazen and preposterously transparent attempt by a ruling political party to change a necessary subject of national debate with alarmist distractions and hubbub, the Conservative escapade engineered in Ottawa these past few days really deserves some kind of grand prize.”

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Update 11 JAN: The Toronto Star calls a Cabinet Minister using that rhetoric “nuts”. This passage contains a more realistic assessment: “The parody lies with the fact that Canada’s oil industry is dominated by multinationals. That means there will indeed be a lot of big-money foreign interests pushing the three-person federal review panel to okay a pipeline from Alberta’s oilsands to a tanker port at Kitimat on the British Columbia coast.

America’s Exxon Mobil, Britain’s BP, France’s Total E&P, China’s SinoCanada Petroleum … Continue reading