The trucker who never left Brian Derksen was arrested by Ottawa city police on Tuesday, 31 May 2022 at around noon. Police threatened to trash and throw in the garbage his set up and amplification equipment on camera.

According to his own words police released Derksen at around 8 PM of the same day.

Derksen’s lawyer said, the charges of highway obstruction and obstruction of justice appear untenable and frivolous.

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Wellington Street, Ottawa, Canada, 1st of July 2021

Watch almost the complete schedule of speeches during Thursday, 1 July at the gatherings alongside Wellington Street in Canada‘s capital, Ottawa. The following link leads to my YouTube channel where this clip hopefully will remain for a few weeks anyway but who knows.

Wellington Street Gatherings Thu, 1st July 2021

We are working on a commentary about these rather turbulent and torn presentations.

What do you think?

Is Hildebrandt a sleeper?

Is Hillier part of the controlled opposition? Or just your regular right wing “white supremacist”, as Matthew Behrens likes to put it, or forever unable to express any empathy?

White settlers in front of the Superior Court of Canada, indigenous Canada on Parliament Hill, it all on unceded territory. Unchained Christian street preachers in both camps, absurdly arguing a supreme being to claim decent treatment and individual consideration as the dignity of human kind is untouchable.

Isn’t that … Continue reading

Nishiyuu arrives to Ottawa

Journey of Nishiyuu

the peoples of Turtle Island r standing up 4 Canada, 4 freedom and democracy. they r right now where every1 of us should be, refusing and halting this ignorant machine grind of religious indoctrination and fossil fuel oppression, violence, slavery, decadence and the most wasteful pollution on the planet. Thank u and Megwetch!

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Catherine Orr (from the fb group):
“I knew in my heart that we would complete this journey. I have made new friends, met really nice people and tried some awesome food XD I have witnessed great acts of humanity, people along the way were actually standing outside their houses waiting for us to pass ot hand out food and water. Even just that act of kindness from total strangers made me realize that when you do good things, good things come back … Continue reading