Convoy Updates

described OPP and RCMP reactions along the way and in handling the enormity of this convoy as „nothing but smiles and love” – at the same time it’s being reported that Spanish and police internationally all over Europe have decided to just side with the protesters.

The greatest of all Canadian cowards meanwhile has to isolate at the cottage because he was exposed to “Covid”.


To all the willing executors of these two completely Mafia identical organizations for profit corporations strangulating and choking this continent –

this is YOUR end times.

Your own dogs are coming to bite you !

people write songs about it!

Dispose of the QUÉBEC government

It turns out not only federally but even in the province of Quebec that otherwise has not signed on officially to the charter of rights, the peoples of la belle province can via a petition dismiss their failing government:

50 Kingston businesses will not enforce tyranny

Interesting experience ! it’s not everybody letting the government turn them into a tyranny shill. Canada wide 80,000 businesses are known to having expressed objections to the criminal enforcement of the discriminating “showing of papers”.

This was my experience yesterday: I went to this business

Manara Shawarma
Restaurant • Kebab
Boulevard Saint-Joseph, 309

to get a Shawarma, and walked into an empty place with no customers at all. an unmasked lady came out of the kitchen, put her mask on, greeted me and told me if I had a vaccine passport I could sit inside and if I didn’t I’d have to sit outside.

I apologized to the lady and said under the circumstances I was unable to support the business and I went somewhere else.

On the way out I had a long discussion with her just explaining that there was no mandate and … Continue reading

Casserole Movement in Montréal

Every night @ around 8 pm, Montréalers start banging pots and pans to express their protest against la loi 78 – a Québec law recently passed in reaction to students protesting planned tuition increases. The new law makes it mandatory to inform police about demonstrations with more than 50 participants as well as the exact routing of every march.

Chaque jour, autour de 20 h, les Montréalais commençent à battre sur des pots et choudrons pour exprimer leur proteste contre la loi québecoise 78, reçemmement approuvée qui éxige d’informer la police s’il y a plus de 50 participants à la manifestation et aussi son trajet éxacte.

Jeden Abend nach 20 h trommeln Montréaler auf Pfannen und Töpfen, um gegen das neue Québec Gesetz 78 zu protestieren, das vorschreibt, Demonstrationen anzumelden, sollten mehr als 50 Personen daran teilnehmen, sowie auch die genaue Route des Marsches der Polizei anzugeben.

Teargas while students protest in Montreal

Published on Apr 21, 2012 by RussiaToday

“In Canada, riot police used tear gas and stun grenades to disperse hundreds of students protesting outside a government building in central Montreal. At least two demonstrators and two officers were injured in the violence and seventeen people were arrested. Students are angry at a planned 75 percent rise in tuition fees. They’ve been demonstrating almost daily since declaring a boycott on classes over two months ago, with the government refusing to back down. Citizen journalist Bernard Desgagne says that the situation is getting more violent and that the police reaction towards protesters is too brutal”, (up to $ 400 fines for simply walking on the side walks).

This happened while students were protesting in Montreal. 151 are reported arrested in Gatineau on Thursday, while demonstrating against a 75 percent increase over five years in tuition fees.

This is a … Continue reading