How 2 run this world – ein philosophischer Spaziergang.

I was reading this article about the convoluted use of the term libertarianism by Neo-Cons all over North-America and commented on facebook, so these statements emerged. I am publishing here in hope of outlining some historic facts, trying 2 tie some things 2gether and sort through some rather arbitrary ugliness. And trust me, I’m just trying 2 get through this without getting hurt. Calling it like I see it, the new name of the game.

A friend of mine: “Start with the headline…Bastardized libertarianism. That is incorrect. Libertarianism has not been bastardized. It was always wrong, right from the start. It still exists in its pure form and it is still wrong. It is and always had been a thinly guised pseudo philosophy to justify selfishness. The problem from the start has been its name, which is a bastardization of the terms liberty and liberalism, yet it does not … Continue reading