Playlist BarKanada May 2012

Shake It Upside Down Steve Marriner Going Up 2007 Take My Arms Steve Strongman Blues In Colour 2009 Dark Angel Samantha Martin & The Haggard 2012 Hippie Chick Layla Zoe Sleep Little Girl 2010 These Are The Good Old Days Socalled Ghettoblaster 2007 Your Love Was All Marc Jordan “Crucifix… Continue reading

Playlist barKanada APR 2012

Shake It Upside Down Steve Marriner Going Up 2007 Need It Half Moon Run Dark Eyes 2012 Comin’ Through Blue King Brown Blue King Brown 2011 Never Falling Again Clear 2011 Times A Waistin’ Erykah Badu remix of DJ PhatCat Mixtape Vol. 5 The Roots & Erykah Badu 2009 Bag… Continue reading

playlist barKanada March 2012

Shake It Upside Down Steve Marriner 2007 Peace Is The Only Way Lenka Lichtenberg/Roula Said Bridges 2012 El Mi Migoalei Dam Etzak Lenka Lichtenberg Songs For The Breathing Walls State Of Emergency Halabisky’s Uprising 2011 B.A.M.F Ed Lister/ The Chocolate Hot Pockets 2012 Yer Spring Hey Rosetta Seeds 2011 Mustt… Continue reading

playlist FEB 2012

This show is a special featuring a live concert by The Lap Band with Brian Downey on the drums, Billy Mitchell on B3 and Peter Newsom on guitar. All guys sing lead and back up. Shake It Upside Down Steve Marriner Going Up 2007 Green Onions Booker T. Jones, Steve… Continue reading

BarKanada playlist JAN 2012

Shake It Upside Down Steve Marriner Going Up 2007 Good Year The Danger Bees 2011 Big Fuss and the Horndog PluggedReal this is how we dance 2011 Shallow Water Takaya Blaney 2011 Oliver’s Song Peter Katz First of the Last to Know 2012 Cocoa Payol Canefire Pandemonium, 2010 Indie Get… Continue reading

Playlist BarKanada DEC 2011

Shake It Upside Down Steve Marriner Going Up 2007 The Blues Came Calling Richard Carr Tell Everybody 2011 Bad Daddy Natalia and Montuno Moving North 2011 Silver Bells Liam Titcomb 2011 Mr. Businessman Blues Diem Lafortune Beauty And Hard Times 2011 Good Times Ray Bonneville Bad Man’s Blood 2011 Wanker… Continue reading

Playlist barKanada OCT 2011

Simple Pleasures David Myles (produced by Classified) Into The Sun 2011 Fired Up Matt Andersen Coal Mining Blues 2011 YoYo Rebecca Everett YoYo 2011 Going Up To The Country Scott Cook Moonlit Rambles 2011 How Come You Never Go There Feist Metals 2011 Yesterday’s News David Francey Late Edition 2011… Continue reading

BarKanada 2 air SAT 9th of July

Die neue Sendung läuft am kommenden Samstag um 17h MEZ auf Radio Tonkuhle, für alle, die’s nicht über fm oder Kabel empfangen können, bei kann man und frau auch im live stream mithören. Diesmal Konzertausschnitte mit Jeremy Fisher, zusammen mit Great Big Sea’s Front Person Sean McCann gibt es… Continue reading

Playlist barKanada April 2011

Shake It Upside Down (excerpt) Steve Marriner Going Up 2007 Kissin In Memphis JW Jones with Charlie Musselwhite on harmonica Memphis Midnight Sun 2010 The Fixer Gerry Griffin Moment To Moment 2009 (I’m A) Hurricane Arlene Bishop Snarky Girlpop 2000 Small Jon Brooks Moth Nor Rust 2009 In The Blood… Continue reading

Playlist barKanada March 2011

Shake It Upside Down (excerpt) Steve Marriner Going Up 2007 You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere Bob Dylan Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 1971, played and sung by Ross Neilsen Boogieman Monkeyjunk demo Jellybean Ross Neilsen and The Sufferin’ Bastards Live At The Acoustic Grille Outskirts Of Memphis Shakura S’Aida Brown… Continue reading

Playlist barKanada DEC 2010

Shake It Upside Down (excerpt) Steve Marriner Going Up 2007 Shine A Little Light Jeremy Fisher Flood 2010 Blue Christmas Matt Andersen Spirit Of Christmas 2011 Step Right Up Mike Essoudry’s Mash Potatoe Mashers 2011 Road Song Vaillancourt Orr Vaillancourt/Be 3 Live In The Studio 2007 Mrs Robinson (excerpt) (Simon… Continue reading

Playlist BarKanada SEP 2010

Bargain! Shop Panties Little Miss Higgins Across The Plains 2010 Beefy Monkeyjunk Tiger In Your Tank 2009 Come Clean Chris Kirby Vampire Hotel 2010 Le Compteur Karkwa Le Volume Du Vent 2008 Sold Dan Mangan Nice, Nice, Very Nice 2009 Lewis Takes Action Owen Pallett Heartland 2010 Guess What RadioRadio… Continue reading

Playlist barKanada August 2010

Shake It Upside Down (excerpt) Steve Marriner Going Up 2007 Lullaby For My Ficticious Children Maylee Todd Choose Your Own Adventure 2010 Aerobics In Space (excerpt) Maylee Todd Choose Your Own Adventure 2010 The Wood Between Worlds Laura Barrett unreleased, myspace 2006 Rosie Bruce Peninsula 7 Inch 2008 Music Is… Continue reading

playlist barKanada July 2010

Shake It Upside Down (excerpt) Steve Marriner Going Up 2007 He’s Walkin’ Brandi Disterheft feat Holly Cole Second Side 2010 Sketches Of Belief (excerpt) Brandi Disterheft Second Side 2010 Ihr hoert die Jazz Newcomerin Brandi Disterheft am Kontrabass, am Gesang Holly Cole, der Titel lautet “He’s Walking” – auf ihrem… Continue reading

playlist BarKanada June 2010

Shake It Upside Down Steve Marriner Going Up 2007 Nobody Can Turn Me Around The Sojourners 2010 Neue CD von The Sojourners, hier der Titel “Nobody Can Turn Me Around” von der neuen CD. Die Sojourners, drei bekennende Herren aus Ralls, Texas, Chicago, Illinois and Alexandria, Louisiana,  die in Vancouver… Continue reading

Playlist BarKanada May/Mai 2010

Shake It Upside Down (excerpt) Steve Marriner Going Up 2007 I’m A Dreamer Ausschnittt K’naan Troubadour 2009 Take A Minute Ausschnitt K’naan Troubadour 2009 Haven’t Met You Yet Michael Buble Crazy Love 2009 I Got The World On A String.  (live) Michael Bublé Myspace Gin Bombay Andrea Lindsay Les Sentinelles… Continue reading

Playlist barKanada 10. April 2010

Shake It Upside Down (excerpt) Steve Marriner Going Up 2007 One Great City The Weakerthans Into The Flame Danny Michel Live in Winnipeg 2010 L.Y.G Jaffa Road Sunplace/Makom Shemesh 2009 Whiskey Breath Lucie Idlout Swagger 2009 The Tonto Project Wayne Lavallee Trail Of Tears 2010 Long Night Lis Soderberg unreleased… Continue reading

Playlist barKanada 13. März 2010

Let’s Mambo Carlos De Junco Blues Mongrel 1998 From The Water Colin Linden From The Water 2009 We Are Digging Roots We Are 2009 Bye Bye Montreal Amelia Curran Hunter, Hunter 2009 The Long Way Home Catherine MacLellan Church Bell Blues 2007 Fast Paced World The Duhks Fast Paced World… Continue reading

Canadian Blues award-winning in Memphis

Looks like Canadians did it again at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis: Just like Steve Marriner and Monkey Junk last year impressing everybody coming in third of representing bands from a hundred blues societies, this year it’s Nova Scotia’s Matt Andersen who blew everybody away. He received an award… Continue reading

Barkanada 2 air Easter SAT April 11th

Hello all and blessings for this holiday weekend, despite ongoing technical challenges and the no-budget-no-profit status of BarKanada, I was able 2 put another show together. The minor sound quality I ask to excuse, I hope to host it on the band page for now ( Have fun listening… playlist… Continue reading

BarKanada airing SAT March 14th, 11am EST on

Wichtig: Unbedingt schon mal Romi Mayes vormerken, live in der Bluesgarage in Hannover LGH am 26. April 2009 – she down and dirty, u name it. She good! Ein froehliches Fruehlingshallo allen Besucherinnen und Besuchern der BarKanada im Maerz – waehrend es hier gerade wieder geschneit hat, ticken die Uhren… Continue reading

BarKanada 2air SAT, FEB 14th (VALENTINE’S), 11h AM EST

BarKanada to air live stream, fm, cable @ SAT, FEB 14th VALENTINE’S 11h AM EST (A German message follows) Welcome to the February edition of BarKanada – cool as ice and blue as Toronto in winter. In this show: The fantastic Blues Summit in January, wonderful live cuts from… Continue reading