CDC botching data (again)

The CDC lumped together several days to artificially manipulate data about the Delta variant and how children are affected in order to make it look a lot more dangerous than it is!!!

In fact the most un-scientific botching as when you want to examine the influence of one factor, one must neutralize all the other factors that are also influencing your function, consisting in the fact that probands weren’t even looked at for their comorbidities at all!!!

In fact as shown by an independent study COVID-19 delta variant is not lethal at all for kids in the age group under 18 looking at 48 healthy kids who all had “Covid” – there was zero mortality.

Furthermore the CDC also counted people who had been injected with the experimental genetic treatment once or even twice as “unvaccinated “while counting death rates.

Both cases show how science should not be done and … Continue reading

Near one in every 100 injection treated young men dead shortly after 2. injection – yet CDC murderers do not call off the genocide.

It’s a real mystery how a disaster of an experiment is not immediately stopped – if this was little kittens we would’ve never injected them in the first place, yet it’s just our most precious future and most vulnerable who are attacked now.

At one minute 49 seconds into this Highwire segment with the Jaxx report, the experience so far with this murderous experimental genetic treatment is documented in the numbers, without factoring in any under- reporting.

Traitors in what used to be or excuse me, never was, an institution to protect the consumer








This needs to stop yesterday. Don’t obey. Civil disobedience. To not stop murder is to be guilty of facilitation of murder. Doing nothing in the face of crime is to side with the perpetrator.

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