How to fail as a journalist

The Johnny Depp / Amber Heard alleged domestic abuse case illustrates in a perfect fashion how the for-profit media channels are complicit in the big lies and deceptions of our times.

Instead of reporting on the fact that many G8 nations are in the process of signing away their bodily autonomy and medical sovereignty to the world health organization and the United Nations which would be significant and dramatically significant for every individual in North America for example, the air time and space and platform is wasted on two people who are in a personal dispute and have no power, nor hold public office.

This abandonment of actual reporting is endemic to main stream – where does the reporting fulfill the mandate and obligation to reflect on whether representation lives up to their promises and delivers actual relief?

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International HR court charges queen, pope, globalist traitors with crimes against humanity

Les vaccins covid sont interdit dans le monde ???ALERTE❗..NOUVELLES MONDIALES DE DERNIERE MINUTE❗???


?Big Pharma, la Chine et le Vatican condamnés pour génocide et conspiration criminelle par la Cour internationale – Les vaccins COVID sont interdits alors que l’arrestation des dirigeants et la saisie des biens sont ordonnées ❗
La Cour internationale qui a forcé le pape Benoît à quitter ses fonctions en 2013 a porté un coup à la corporatocratie du COVID❗ ❗
?…en condamnant de hauts responsables de Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, la Chine et le Vatican pour crimes contre l’humanité.❗

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Allergy? Or disease?

Last Friday’s presentation @StiftungCoronaAusschuss added the missing piece for me – since about two months I kept pointing out that, officially there’s no proof of the virus ! now after these two independent researchers #DrShankaraChetty #HansTolzin ,#ProfDrUlrikeKämmerer,,#ProfDrUlrikeKämmerer

one of which is an emergency MD – it is clear why the genome of this virus was never completely sequenced and there is no Koch postulates established: in fact what we are seeing is an ALLERGIC reaction to an over-stimulus in the injection or the disease causing agent, which is the cytotoxic spike protein / what ever other toxins are in the thing!
And that’s the other question that I had : what in fact is actually the difference between a disease and an allergic reaction?!?!
Looks like there isn’t one! That’s why we need a test that’s pretty much always testing positive. #pcrtestfraud
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