The Free Transatlantic Media Accord

Allied Forces fought hard to defeat the Nazi-Oppression of the German people at the hands of their own government. Western Allied troops remained stationed long after that and even had their own English language radio programming in British Forces Radio BFBS, broadcasting out of Minden, Nordrhein-Westfalen. Seems like Germany’s former enemies cared to spare the old country the propaganda for a more democratic future – to watch any civility slip away in Social Media really makes a trampling out of that sacrifice.

Even in non-programming, emergency communications focused CB amateur radio, profanity and vulgarity is an immediate reason to get pulled off the air and licenses removed –

In light of Youtube’s recent disappearing of many thousands of its user managed channels and the ongoing monopolization of the flow of information by the pharmascistical-IT-indoctrinal-industrial-complex, patriots who value the sacrifice for freedom and civility are well advised to observe diligently those camera/media standards when addressing the world – it is no guarantee to remain visible, yet it will make it a lot harder to censor the message.

Potential undermining by fossil fuel financed PR campaigns of SM freedom groups applying similar mud slinging to get the group/channel banned may cease immediately when organizers are explicitly endorsing this standard as well.

Even so I am a bit late for Remembrance Day, it is for their commitment that I feel that I am a daughter of that freedom, growing up in West Germany, I am launching that pdf for download today. Thank you for your attention. Please do not email my pdf to your contacts – instead please reference to my page here, to ensure downloading the latest version of the

The Free Transatlantic Media Accord

Please check back soon to access a playlist with illustrating youtube material.

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