Shay Eagle on #tictoc

Looking for a live feed from the big TO #weWillAllBeThere #freedom #rally? Seems Mrs. EagleEye is ready to deliver, on a tight rope walking the line of fire. Please donate and help us cover these xxxtremely misrepresented and misunderstood gatherings defending freedom for all Canadians and Turtle Islanders, thank you, merçi.

5.000 in 3.worldwide freedom march – the Canadian capital is asleep still.

Because of our 2nd live show falling on the same Saturday since the JuniorChef of the for profit corporation of Canada ordered the scientifically unsubstantiated, criminal dictate, we have a drive-by view of the freedom lovers this time.

My Monday is graced by a very intelligent post from a lady (Big fat sweet potato shout out to #CindyWade in one of my favourite Facebook groups called #CoverBandCentral ~ shout out to #SteveWitschel who started it all and is hard at work through disease even). I think she explains exactly why there cannot be any mandates other than the fact that it’s all criminal.

Hope you enjoy this creative lady’s accumulated and eloquent wisdom:

<<I posted about this about two months ago…. and now everything is coming true. It’s Science….we’re creating these variants with a vaccine that only “lessens symptoms”.

Just as antibiotics breed resistance in bacteria, (which we’ve been … Continue reading