Jody Wilson-Raybould blasts our political system, calls for transformational change

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Jody Wilson-Raybould’s parting letter to constituents today slammed the dire state of Canada’s political system:



“Marginalizing individuals from certain backgrounds”

“A disgraceful triumph of harmful partisanship over substantive action”

She called out the utter failure of the first-past-the-post as one of the fundamental reasons for the crisis:

“The privileges we give political parties. The out-of-date norms of our first-past-the-post electoral system. The lack of inclusiveness. The power of the prime minister and the centralization of power in the hands of those who are unelected…”

NDP MP for Nunavut, Mumlilaaq Qaqqaq, reacted to Raybould’s decision— asking all Canadians to reflect

Just weeks ago, Qaqqaq announced she won’t be seeking re-election either. Her powerful farewell speech laid bare the brutal flaws of our institutions, condemning those with power for “the refusal … Continue reading

Western judiciaries no longer independent from government?

After 7 raids of judges and direct candidates of the party “The Basis” in Germany and intimidation in the medical and teaching professions and categoric rejection of constitutional challenges on a technicality in Canada: are judiciaries of these trans-Atlantic allies no longer independent from their own government?

Chuck Black from freedom forum Canada draws some parallelities here:

Experimental treatments do not need emergency approval to be administered in Canada?


<<Health Canada has NOT approved them under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). The FDA HAS approved them under an EUA and while Canada does take direction from the FDA and the CDC (Canada pays these organizations), Canada has set out its own acceptance guidelines for these injections.

This is why in Canada we do not need a declared emergency to administer the jab – so it appears. So while the ROA is unenforceable, read previous post , the jab can still be administered based on the criterium set forth in the interim order. Sadly and frustratingly so.

ALL the jabs are approved by Health Canada using either an Interim Order or with conditions. See the details below. Yes, there is some reading involved if you want to INFORM and EDUCATE yourself.

Pfizer status:

– for use under interim order


– approved for use … Continue reading

The mysterious death of Kary Mullis

When I heard first of his fate and the claims he died of “pneumonia” 🤩 in I don’t know – maybe a year ago? I was like “whuatt? – yeah, right!”

I still am trying to find a poignant analogy to tie that to something tangible. It is like claiming, Rock Hudson died of Syphilis. Not only did he not die of that STD but by now it’s almost clear that he also probably didn’t die of HIV ! like Mullis also didn’t die of HIV and maybe actually nobody died of HIV but a lot of people died of the treatment. So why would anybody use a perfectly obvious lie to not say a less obvious lie? 🤪

When I heard first of his fate and the claims he died of “pneumonia” 🤩 in I don’t know – maybe a year ago? I was like “whuatt? – … Continue reading

Wellington Street, Ottawa, Canada, 1st of July 2021

Watch almost the complete schedule of speeches during Thursday, 1 July at the gatherings alongside Wellington Street in Canada‘s capital, Ottawa. The following link leads to my YouTube channel where this clip hopefully will remain for a few weeks anyway but who knows.

Wellington Street Gatherings Thu, 1st July 2021

We are working on a commentary about these rather turbulent and torn presentations.

What do you think?

Is Hildebrandt a sleeper?

Is Hillier part of the controlled opposition? Or just your regular right wing “white supremacist”, as Matthew Behrens likes to put it, or forever unable to express any empathy?

White settlers in front of the Superior Court of Canada, indigenous Canada on Parliament Hill, it all on unceded territory. Unchained Christian street preachers in both camps, absurdly arguing a supreme being to claim decent treatment and individual consideration as the dignity of human kind is untouchable.

Isn’t that … Continue reading

Gen Silencing?

Red Alert! Friends, I know it is easier said than done, but please do your best to warn people, especially of reproductive age and for children to avoid these experimental Poisons at all costs!

More mechanisms are being proposed as to how SGT injections can alter gene expression, resulting in catastrophic effects on fertility, auto-immunity, cancers.

BTW, Dr. Bruno is suggesting that these mRNA sequences may be resistant to degradation. Yet, Health Canada claims “They do their job and go away.”

We know that Spike proteins are highly homologous to Syncytin 1 and 2.

Carriage and horse analogy applies here. Did they pick a protein that “coincidentally” is critical for placental and embryonic-fetal development?

My theory, the reason why this homology exists is because viruses are exosomes. Therefore, they are manipulating our own genetic material, and also adding unnatural modifications to it and using synthetic nucleotides. As a result the … Continue reading