BarKanada postponed one week

My apologies for any confusion, but the second edition of my show BarKanada will air a week later,

SAT, JAN 10th, same time, 11am EST.

It didn’t air today, as u probably already know (I just woke up) and I just got an email from my brother, technical director at
The program director booked the slot twice and had to give the other production priority – shit happens. Just glad, it wasn’t me… ­čśŤ

My brother also told me, how well done he thought the show was, so that kinda consoled me a bit! Hope u gonna tune in next week…. with best wishes and again my regret 4 the false alarm. Can’t score if u don’t try,… :P.

play list is in the previous post.

Check back soon for audio of this and the first edition.

Kind regards
Maren Molthan

editor and publisher

BarKanada 2.edition airs SAT, Jan 3rd 2009, 11am EST, @

Hello again, and a very happy (and, hmmmmh, what would be most spectacular – more reasonable?) new year –

I’d like to update u a little bit:

The second edition of BarKanada is scheduled to air
SAT, 3rd of January 2009, 11am-12pm EST – tune in live on the internet @

tonkuhle. de (click on “Livestream” in the right menu column)

2. I found out, that Tonkuhle artists should be receiving royalties because of German GEMA paying out entitlement depending on how much played on Tonkuhle via fm – all they need is the playlist, and that I provide… for now u can look up those details here:
rideauguide. blogspot. com

Wer hat, der kann:

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