BarKanada 2.edition airs SAT, Jan 3rd 2009, 11am EST, @

Hello again, and a very happy (and, hmmmmh, what would be most spectacular – more reasonable?) new year –

I’d like to update u a little bit:

The second edition of BarKanada is scheduled to air
SAT, 3rd of January 2009, 11am-12pm EST – tune in live on the internet @

tonkuhle. de (click on “Livestream” in the right menu column)

2. I found out, that Tonkuhle artists should be receiving royalties because of German GEMA paying out entitlement depending on how much played on Tonkuhle via fm – all they need is the playlist, and that I provide… for now u can look up those details here:
rideauguide. blogspot. com

Wer hat, der kann:

Part D und E sind der schoenste Teil der Sendung. Das Lied veraenderte voellig seinen Charakter waehrend sich diese Violine hineinschleicht, absolut zeitgleich mit Lovelace, seinen Dank sagend fuer die zahlreichen Briefe ins Gefaengnis … Continue reading