Tourism Minister Jim Bradley not aware of Rideau’s World Heritage Status?

Banner in front of the tents near the proposed Frontenac Ventures uranium mine

In a phone conversation with Maren Molthan, Susan Freeman, Deputy Reeve in Tay Valley Township and Councillor for Lanark County, described her latest efforts to turn the protest in the communities with uranium mining into alterations to the Ontario Mining Act. She has worked on that for years and met with Bill Mauro, parliamentary assistant to Northern Development and Mining Minister Rick Bartolucci on Tuesday, the 21st of August. Susan also talked to Jim Bradley, Minister for Tourism of Ontario. The purpose of these meetings was to attract some … Continue reading

Impossible disasters and nuclear plants

Want to have a look at how safe nuclear is and how reliable and transparent information is handled (or rather man-handled) in case of a disaster?

Here are some diary entries from two Greenpeace experts trying to measure radioactivity after the earthquake in Japan in July 07 – its intensity was declared impossible to occur by the plant operators.

Fun stuff!

This is a recent article on what is to do today to channel the nuclear renaissance into somewhat secure waters …

Here is a very informative article on how bad the situation in Canada was in 1989 – and now, almost two decades later, it has not changed since radiation remains for thousands of years …

Nuclear Power: Exploding the Myths

And here is an excellent background article for everyone just starting to find out about nuclear:

reprinted from Encompass Magazine, March 2001

by Gordon Edwards

Nuclear power was once portrayed as peaceful, clean, safe, cheap and abundant. It was even described as miraculous. Disney’s animated documentary film “Our Friend the Atom” promised that nuclear power could end world hunger, eliminate poverty, and bring about an unprecedented era of peace and prosperity. For decades, the Canadian Nuclear Association distributed a public-relations comic book which concluded with these words:


“The benefits of nuclear radiation that we know today are nothing when compared to what we may reasonably expect in the future.

“Food may be preserved in its original fresh condition for long periods of time. Nuclear-powered ships may ply the oceans; trains may cross continents many times on only a few ounces of nuclear fuel; power reactors may … Continue reading