New York Connects @ The #General Assembly

General Assembly? A tedious, all engulfing, wonderfully connected experience, where r all voices present r heard, until consent is reached, bettering ideas and shaping the planned application while coming up with the solution that all can live with. Una Spenser describes the form of democracy that makes people happy in Daily Kos. What a great article, what great accuracy with the words – thank u, and right on!

Playlist barKanada OCT 2011

Simple Pleasures David Myles (produced by Classified) Into The Sun 2011
Fired Up Matt Andersen Coal Mining Blues 2011
YoYo Rebecca Everett YoYo 2011
Going Up To The Country Scott Cook Moonlit Rambles 2011
How Come You Never Go There Feist Metals 2011
Yesterday’s News David Francey Late Edition 2011
Prime Time (Sammy Nestico) The Prime Time Big Band feat. Alan Ogborne on piano Prime Time … Swings Again! 2009
The Journey Amelia LeClair 2010
Century 21 Mackenzie Rhythm Section 2010
Revolution Kate Reid Doing It For The Chicks 2011
My Favourite Book (Flack) Stars The Bedroom Demos 2011
Only Gold Pharis & Jason Romero A Passing Glimpse 2011

Mail from AVAAZ.ORG: The World vs Wall Street

Αλληλεγγύης – Solidarity!
Thrilled in many ways bout this, yet I remain uneasy with the term “occupation” – U can’t “forcefully possess” (source of quote) what is already yours. Furthermore, it has a military ring to it:

personally, I think, 1 could be drawn 2 the sentiment that especially 3b just happened 2 the American people, inflicted by, ouhm, yeah, the military government, and who knows, what kinda foreign interest may lay on it all (3a) – I figure the people in Zuccotti Park are protesting that exact process. The only feature qualifying 4 “occupation” is that it is temporary – until they get what they want.

All power emerges from the people. The people first, speculations later. I don’t think I really qualify as a socialist but 2 me, trading stuff was always a driving force behind economic success of a place – the scientist … Continue reading

Konzerttip OCT: Feist’s “Metals”

Am 15. im Amsterdamer Carre Theatre, am 22. October im Berliner Tempodrom – vermutlich sehr interessant, das Berliner Konzert ist schon ausverkauft, höre ich – Tour Details kann man auf Leslie Feist’s Webseite nachsehen, gegen eine email Adresse kann man das neue Album auch anhören. Zwölf Titel, ich werde wahrscheinlich “How Come You Never Go There” spielen. Tune in SAT 8 OCT 11am EST / 17h MEZ

SAT OCT 8: tune in2 barKanada

Workin’ on it as I am typing, u can tune in from 11 am EST/17h MEZ via live stream here – anybody heard ’bout the protests on Wall Street in New York? Apparently somebody photoshopped a google earth pic 2 make the crowd look bigger – there is an interesting discussion about that right here. Just click the word “here”!

4 me, this is the most interesting comment, close 2 the 1 question everybody assessing the truthfulness of any publication should ask:

Who is profiting from the notion that the publications evokes? Who is the real author?

This is the comment (left by Jordan October 3, 2011 at 2:46 am)

“I think the real question for this community to get to the bottom of at this point is who is Jason Wettstein and did he even make this image at all? It looks like he stole the image … Continue reading