Mail from AVAAZ.ORG: The World vs Wall Street

Αλληλεγγύης – Solidarity!
Thrilled in many ways bout this, yet I remain uneasy with the term “occupation” – U can’t “forcefully possess” (source of quote) what is already yours. Furthermore, it has a military ring to it:

personally, I think, 1 could be drawn 2 the sentiment that especially 3b just happened 2 the American people, inflicted by, ouhm, yeah, the military government, and who knows, what kinda foreign interest may lay on it all (3a) – I figure the people in Zuccotti Park are protesting that exact process. The only feature qualifying 4 “occupation” is that it is temporary – until they get what they want.

All power emerges from the people. The people first, speculations later. I don’t think I really qualify as a socialist but 2 me, trading stuff was always a driving force behind economic success of a place – the scientist … Continue reading