Why people are sick and die prematurely


<< considering as humans and citizens of this country that has the capacity to be great our governments learn nothing. We’re all interdependent and denial of basic human rights to one segment of our population will bite every Albertan of potable drinking water in the end. When they introduced heroin to watts their logic was to destroy the black panther movement. Smack became a national epidemic. When Reagan didn’t address aids their logic was to eliminate homosexuality. It backfired because they are morons. In Alberta the toxic destruction of the North athabasca river was a classic colonist abuse of human rights. They’re idiots. Their lack of compassion and agenda of eliminating the indigenous peoples and their basic human rights will show up in every cancer ward in Alberta. They f*d with water. The source of life Their intentions were insidious and immoral. The government legislation of laws based on pure greed and indifference to those they harmed will keep their cancer wards at capacity for years to come. >> – << This article goes to great lengths to obscure the obvious. These tailings facilities can hardly be called ponds in an honest manner. They’re more like great lakes. They don’t leak. They stream effluent in large volumes by the second. They’re more like toxic rivers. 10 years ago the cancer rate of the indigenous peoples living in proximity to the North athabasca river were 5 times the norm. It was always obvious that the aquifers would become toxic and that the entire population that they served would suffer the same medical problems as the northern indigenous people. Now an article comes out in 2021 talking about the possibility of leaks? That’s ridiculous. Corporate politics deflecting the truth for the purpose of continued environmental destruction. Satellite photos illustrate the truth.>>. from the comments

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