The Vanden Bossche Caper Continues – Rosemary Frei

Some interesting undeniable observations by a decade long Canadian science journalist and researcher who is independent and needs your support as her operation is viewer supported so she can be remaining independent from industry interests. I’m happy to see that I’m not the only person with a life science degree who fi ds themselves at a total loss regarding the ongoing hysteria and hype about the more dangerous variant, when Delta alone has shown that there really wasn’t even a Delta!!

As I tried to explain many times before: it is the nature of a virus to mutate all the time – that is why we want to focus with the very expensive vaccine development on bacterial pathogenic germs or other one cell organisms – They do not mutate like virii mutate – mutations make almost any organism weaker not stronger! check out her article:

<<Geert Vanden Bossche has teamed up with Robert Malone to continue to deceive the public.>>
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