#Füllmich evaded? request for documentation of finances for weeks

Check out Session 125: An Inconvenient Truth https://www.twitch.tv/coronainvestigative


Look at this mess!

Look at the timing!

Number one observation: this is the worst possible time to take such a conflict into the public, instead of Füllmich accepting the apparently week- and months-long requests for print outs and security documentation for tax purposes from the rest of the founders of the original investigative corona committee, where now, instead of internal navel gazing over insanely small amounts of $$, it would be much more important to present firsthand experiences illustrating insights on geopolitical rigging and camera worthy manipulations Kissinger-style that we know all too well,

Work amazing propagandist wonders to bring peoples into war!!!

Now the investigators are getting caught in the same mechanisms and mannerisms that leave our oppressors in the back laughing every time!

Good thing the master of law had such insiders on six months ago or earlier, please see my earlier posts where I embedded two interviews with former military service members.

Number two observation I can’t help voicing is that Dr de jure Reiner Füllmich criticized on camera, third-party camera, Fischer’s outfit and insinuated mental illness and psychological problems, right after he lauded the committee’s work even so criticizing and painting Fischer in particular as “unorganized” and “little-girl-like”.

He proceeded unbelievably and shockingly to detail her “puffed sleeves” as to projecting a little girl aspect of her character.

Maybe even worse the comparison of their relationship to a “marriage”.


if your marriage deteriorates the way Füllmich and Fischer’s cooperation deteriorated, I would recommend get some couple therapy and maybe consider doing a few rounds with the therapist alone before you start that.

This is very inappropriate and on many levels!

Strikingly indicative in all of this completely inappropriate commentary the patriarchical attitude that Füllmich exposes towards his former partner:

Obviously interpreting the committee’s requests for transparency as an act of materialistic and shortsighted self-absorbed approach, somehow concluding, it wasn’t in the interest of the committee and the investigations and the documentation that the committee has been performing in the last two years to make this information accessible to the other members of the committee,

does he not trust them anymore? Why not?

Would he be willing to agree to a third-party investigation into the finances of the former investigative corona committee?

As we know already, German authorities never saw any reason to start a criminal investigation against Füllmich …

Another point I have to criticize: of course you cannot self report – you cannot report in your own matters !

Like have you not learned anything?!

you have to have a third-party interviewer who is not affiliated with any of the committee’s work directly – get an independent journalist to ask you the questions!

Finally I’d like to dissect the visuals seeing that Füllmich himself brought up these graphics:

Puff sleeves make somebody’s shoulders bigger make somebody appear bigger than they are. And Fischer is a tall lady in comparison to the average height of German females even so that’s been rising over the last decades.

In fact she appears physically able, an undeniable subconscious effect in the audience and has shown time and time again in many exchanges that in fact having a down to earth approach on matters and distance to the industry where we inquire serves as a benefit to the inquiry and in allowing for the tough questions –

and that may be the reason why Füllmich doesn’t like her outfit – still why he would discuss that in public is substandard to me, unacceptable – it would be acceptable to have discussions about how to appear and why not to wear certain outfits and why to wear certain others behind closed doors – that is the place to do that and it should be done – I hope they, old and new members and any operator appearing in the media spend time with that!

To me this looks like a classic left right turbine rupture, and Füllmich was vulnerable to that because he appears a bit of a patriarch in his mannerisms:

throw it on and out of the versatility and 360 spectrum you can create a lot of wind and lift up a lot of surfaces and carpets and blankets and curtains

but if you do not have strong nuts and bolts in place to channel the spiritual underbelly of the team, the centrifugal powers will catapult the participants into the empty space – and if you ever have turned in a circle with a childhood friend hanging onto the hands your arms crossed you know once you let go you gonna both hit the earth pretty quick –


At this point I’d like to repeat my previous sincere thank you to the committee for the fabulous investigative journalist work that they have delivered in pain staking details that many have to yet suffer to acknowledge they have entered their daily lives.

For the time of regrouping there is many sessions that explain current events – I invite everybody to keep sharing those recorded materials regardless of very silly looking recent polarizations and escalations (in fact it would be another gross mischaracterization by Füllmich to call the unanswered calls for financial documentation the non- bridgeable gap between him and Fischer due to “personal differences”)

And this whole Auseinandersetzung for the concern of potential external tax burden – imagine if we already didn’t pay any taxes anymore rather scratch that declare any taxes anymore!!! like no indigenous man or woman needs to declare taxes! A big group of people in the millions already practising the solutions here in North America.

We are not persons ! we are free men and women!

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