The entitlement in government is out of control

Compiled and curated By Howard Kwan. DOES ANYONE WANT TO LIVE IN CHINADA? Well, we may not have much of a choice, nor will our children, if we don’t all stand up right now against all of this corporate-run government overreach, full blown corruption, and totalitarian rule!

How “he” has remained in power for so long, with all of the controversies surrounding him, and his minions, is a complete mystery. Or is it? Here’ a few links I included here, knowing that they may get suppressed and/or censored. But, dig deep for yourself, since it shouldn’t be too hard for you (at least for now) to find more ‘juicy’ news!

Would they agree to finally release any scientific evidence to justify the lockdowns or participate in legitimate scientific debates? Not likely. So, it looks like MASS (PEACEFUL) NON-COMPLIANCE is our ONLY OPTION to save our rights, liberties, and freedoms!

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