JPT’s RCMP security detail quits

Two ways of arguing this problem, can our rights and freedoms be infringed or not ?

Number one: the Bill of Rights has never been extiguished by any other documents not by the Charter not anything else that means there is not even a non-withstanding clause which would suspend civil rights and freedoms in case of emergency that was life-threatening to the majority of the population. That means even if we had a health emergency, according to the supreme law of the land no government of Canada and no provincial nor municipal government has any legit authorization to infringe on our rights.

This former security detail of our Crime Minister decided to take the more controversial road and argue with the Charter of Rights and furthermore alleged that there is NO CAUSE for an emergency – as the CDC changed the definition of The term “pandemic”, and there is now no mortality at all required to deliver fake reasons for the popular suspension of the peoples rights and freedoms at the hands of the world health organization WHO.

The other reason why there is no health emergency that would warrant emergency authorization for unsafe injections with an experimental genetic treatment is the fact that there is other over-the-counter medications, treatments available, such as HCQ, Vit D3, zinc, vitamin C and of course Ivermectin in combination with Azithromycin or another antibiotic.

This should be a wake up call to any public servant in uniform with a gun.

To carry a gun and enforce the monopoly on violence is a privilege and privileges are bound by a catalogue of regulations some of which this is very honourable gentleman, Corporal Daniel Bulford layed out, so the population understands that their police is not to operate in a lawless vacuum but to abide by the very regulations that apply to the subjects of the enforcement !

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