Convoy was legal, “authoritarian, petulant child pm lashing out”, judge says

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Constitutional lawyer Keith Wilson responded to the call to help the Freedom Convoy.

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MONTREAL — The Canadian government trampled on fundamental human rights with its COVID restrictions, then overreached on dealing with the Freedom Convoy and must now answer to numerous lawsuits, including one by a former premier, says a well-respected constitutional lawyer.

Speaking on Montreal lawyer Viva Frei’s Youtube channel on March 25, Keith Wilson noted that the mischief charges against his client and convoy leader Tamara Lich, will not be successful. She counselled truckers to move in order to comply with police demands, not to block emergency lanes, he said.

Wilson is also a lawyer for former Newfoundland Premier Brian Peckford, who is suing the federal government for breaching the charter of rights by preventing unvaccinated … Continue reading

JPT’s RCMP security detail quits

Two ways of arguing this problem, can our rights and freedoms be infringed or not ?

Number one: the Bill of Rights has never been extiguished by any other documents not by the Charter not anything else that means there is not even a non-withstanding clause which would suspend civil rights and freedoms in case of emergency that was life-threatening to the majority of the population. That means even if we had a health emergency, according to the supreme law of the land no government of Canada and no provincial nor municipal government has any legit authorization to infringe on our rights.

This former security detail of our Crime Minister decided to take the more controversial road and argue with the Charter of Rights and furthermore alleged that there is NO CAUSE for an emergency – as the CDC changed the definition of The term “pandemic”, and there … Continue reading

“Des Squatters” – shocking racist insults from BC PM JOHN HORGAN

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« Des squatteurs ».

C’est ainsi que le premier ministre de la Colombie-Britannique, John Horgan, a qualifié un groupe pacifique composé de protectrices et protecteurs autochtones de la forêt et de leurs allié·es lors des blocus de Fairy Creek/Ada’itsx la semaine dernière [1]. Je ne sais pas ce que vous en pensez, mais les personnes qui s’opposent aux tronçonneuses pour protéger les dernières parcelles de la forêt pluviale tempérée ancienne de l’île de Vancouver ne sont pas des squatteurs. Ce sont des héros. Et ils ont besoin de notre aide.

Au cours de l’été, la violence policière contre les protecteur·rices pacifiques s’est beaucoup intensifiée. Des vidéos virales montrent des agent·es de la GRC en train d’étouffer, de poivrer, de donner des coups de poing et de traîner les activistes par les cheveux, face contre terre … Continue reading