Canadian attidudes bout $$

An indoctrination that needed time and reckless method to become that prevalent in Canadians and go that unnoticed for the flesh eating disease that it is in the social fabric of a society at the same time.

As a bar playing performance expert of the old southern music styles I’ve seen this over and over again : people come to our performances and sip on coffee the whole night and don’t tip the band and don’t buy the CD and then turn around and spend $300 on a Rolling Stones ticket (!) and they think they are rock ‘n’ roll.

In other sectors one has to explain how it’s beneficial to the community when The Dollar goes around in the community instead of being extracted out by the big corporations, multinationals, when this should be self evident!

It’s a lost and buried statistics to find that The fossil fuel sector is the least employment and tax generating, and the music sector is the most employment and tax generating industry that there is, because it is the most community building industry.

Guess which one is no longer profitable, if it has ever been considering the humungous subventions (at which dimension become subventions state Socialism? A daughter of west Germany inquires), and guess which one is now illegal!?

Here is what former mainstream editor now editor-in-chief with freedomforumCanada #Chuck Black observes, describing road blocks for the movement:

Canada’s freedom movement needs to get over the simplistic belief that it shouldn’t raise money to fund salaries for advocates needing to compete against $3000 an hour corporate lawyers, affluent politicians possessing no visible means of supporting their multimillion dollar real estate ventures and multibillionaire tech and pharma company CEO’s. “

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