Malone live on @Rogan number one ranked interview since its publication – an attempt of analysis through the eyezzz of the sovereign with Kelly Anne Wolfe

Robert Malone, Canadian crimes and the Sovereignty Movement – an interview with KellyAnne Wolfe aka Daanis Katori 8th NOV 2021

Have a listen to a somewhat recent exchange just airing in my latest Podbean publication, a long awaited output after 10 years – has it been?! Oh my!

I’m happy to see @PodBean having evolved into a full sized service provider for DIY journalists and producers. Looking forward to trying out the live feature sometime soon!

Happy new year – may it be full of courage and love.

Here is the odysee version:

Immigrant Truth bombs

COVID19 really is a distraction from the fact that no government is necessary to administrate any society anymore, seeing that we have arrived at that much chip power. The machine made its creators obsolete in favour of the people, who know longer have to do degrading monotonous work, because machines can do it.

One thing is really important: to claim that people shouldn’t do monotonous, degrading work, doesn’t mean one claims people shouldn’t work – if this is equalled in the response that is a very see-through attempt of gaslighting.

The most important work on this planet usually goes unpaid.

It is high time to shift our approval and value system away from monetary reward and instead consider the value for society as a whole.

If we did that, live music would be played in hospitals where it is scientifically substantiated to heal the sick and make happy the depressed … Continue reading

Word warrior woes.

“Up till now, those of us who want to remain in our normal health state have been derisively known as “The Unvaccinated.” And, what’s even worse, we have been naively cooperating by labeling ourselves the same as those who scorn us! It’s time to stop that nonsense!! Here’s why.

The word Unvaccinated in our context implies “lack.” The impression given by the term is that those who refuse the injections have (or are) “less than” those who take the injections. We are wrongly perceived as either sadly or stubbornly deficient or defective — even dangerous — because we lack a drug in our bodies that, in itself, is proving to be defective. How ridiculous! Do you feel a sense of lack?

Let’s look at some “UN” words to prove my point: Unenlightened. Unmarried. Unemployed. Unclean. Unattractive. Unhealthy. Uneducated. Undesirable. Unaware. Uncooperative. Uncaring. Uninformed.

Unvaccinated. Get the point?

Now, I propose … Continue reading