Kazakhstan = Kanada


Kazakhstan is not that different from


Canadians watch out – what is happening to you all?

Attention les Canadiens – qu’est-ce qui vous arrive?

#Solidarność = not only undermined but SET UP by the #CIA ?!

Starker Tobak, wäre jedoch nicht das erste Mal!

die größere Perspektive, für die mir leider noch die Dokumentationen fehlen …

belt and road initiative is the exact same next thing coming to Canada and this is why the place is got to be emptied, and everybody of their rights completely stripped.

Now the situation in Canada makes more and more sense and in the United States it was just to install an illegitimate president?

It’s like a bad dream and I can’t wake up and it’s getting worse every time the universe homes another little piece of the puzzle.

Which is is despite it all a magical process.